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Escape Dead Island
Nov 18, 2014
Fatshark AB
~6 hours play time
Escape Dead Island acts as the missing link between previous Dead Island games and the upcoming Dead Island 2. The story lets players unravel the origins of the zombie virus.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 May 7, 2017 32 16:40:11 55 Xbox 360 RSS
As three friends arrive at Narapela, they soon find themselves in the middle of the source of the Banoi Island outbreak. As Cliff, search the island to find clues and survive the horrors within.
 22:00  Prologue Lab, 2 Days before the outbreak
One Less Boat
 33:57  Smooth Sailing & One Less Boat Tools: Camera, Rope
 29:41  Echoes Tools: Screwdriver, Makeshift Club
 30:40  Marathon Tools: Two-Way Radio, Army Knife
A Fighting Chance
 31:06  A Fighting Chance Tools: Pistol, Axe
The Staff's Dead
 23:59  Tools: Combat Flashlight
Securing The Keycards
 32:59  Looking for Keycards
Zombie Butchering
 32:33  Looking for Keycards Tools: Advanced Axe
Stories of the Dead
 35:47  Stories of the Dead Tools: Shotgun, Gas Mask
Dead Labs
 32:20  Underground Labs Tools: Silenced Pistol, Sword
Beauty And The Beast
 34:25  Beauty And The Beast
 32:13  Devan New Tools: Grappling Hook, Advanced Axe
Father's Day
 31:44  Father's Day
Inside Crown Estate
 32:00  Crown Residence Tools: Hellfire Shotgun
 33:22  Crown Residence, and Cliff's Mind
 24:30  Deliverance Mind and Credits
NG : Mission 1
 32:06  NG+: getting collectibles missed.
NG: Mission 3
 31:01  NG+: More collectibles
NG: Mission 4
 31:04  NG+: More collectibles
NG: Mission 6
 31:26  NG+: more collectibles
NG: Mission 7
 32:31  NG+
NG: Mission 8
 33:59  NG+
NG: Mission 8 (cont.)
 32:14  NG+: More collectibles
NG: Mission 9
 31:30  NG+
NG: Mission 9 (Cont.)
 32:45  NG+
NG: Mission 10
 31:05  NG+
NG: Mission 10 (cont.)
 33:01  NG+: Getting remaining collectibles
NG: Mission 11
 31:21  NG+: Collectibles remaining
NG: And Back Again
 26:05  NG+
The Underwater Labs
 31:41  DLC: Underwater Labs
The Lab's Secret
 32:33  DLC: Underwater Labs
More Labs and Final Collectibles
 32:33  DLC: Underwater Labs and last collectibles

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