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God Eater Resurrection
"Don't Run Away From Living"

Confront all hazards head-on...
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Alien Crush Returns
Nov 3, 2008
Hudson Entertainment
~1 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
SolDethgard Dec 3, 2009 4 0:33:01 Wii RSS
Stage 1, 2, & 1st Boss
 9:32  Here's the 1st 2 stages & the 1st boss. Enjoy
Stage 3
 4:25  3rd Stage, I hate this stage, you'll see why.
Final Boss
 8:15  Final Boss of the Game. This thing can be easy or hard, it...
Extra Stage & Ending
 10:49  You get this stage after you've recieved it via wifi. You... 1 comment

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