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A Boy and His Blob
Oct 13, 2009
Majesco Games
~3 hours play time
A Boy and His Blob is a reimagining of the NES classic. You play as the boy, you feed your blob jelly beans and watch him transform into cool and useful objects to solve puzzles and escape danger.

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Roxas1359 Nov 11, 2014 21 6:09:27 CHD Wii RSS
One day on a clear and calm night an alien crash lands near a young boy's tree house. The boy goes to investigate the crash only to find a strange blob-like creature emerge from the crater. This blob creature has an affinity for jelly beans and can transform upon eating one. What the boy does realize however is that this blob didn't come from Blobbonia just to meet the boy. An evil king has enslaved the people of Blobbonia and it is up to the Boy and the Blob to save the day. Welcome everyone to A Boy and His Blob!

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