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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the...
Feb 19, 2008
Square Enix
Genius Sonority
~9 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Axel Ryman May 11, 2009 39 13:13:12 Wii RSS
Part 1: Beginning the Journey
 20:51  Thus begins my journey to become a man. Or in this case more... 2 comments
Part 2: Speeding through the town
 12:24  Mostly just exploring before I do the actual cutscene to...
Part 3: FINALLY I start the damn the gameplay
 15:56  And try to get used to the controls which I never master. 1 comment
Part 4: Chapter 2 begins
 20:25  We start chapter 2, and Anlace is worried about his mommy. 2 comments
Part 5: Return to the Cave
 18:36  Now with Anlace by my side. Yeah this is how party members... 2 comments
Part 6: Search for Anlace's mommy
 23:51  To Galantyne Glades!! 1 comment
Part 7: Mini-Game time!!
 11:23  I wanted to try the mini-games to get something...I failed.... 2 comments
Part 8: Return to Galantyne Glades
 17:57  Now with the French girl Fleurette. After this I take a...
Part 9: Long grinding work has paid off
 6:30  This is just a video to show what happens when you grind the... 1 comment
Part 10: Arondight Heights
 21:52  Yay we finally continue
Part 11: Arondight Heights Revisted, Ultimate Armor Get!!
 15:51  Gotta get what I missed, and Now I have the strongest armor. 1 comment
Part 12: Secace Seacove
Part 13: Revisited
 25:30  Fishy place still smells fishy.
Part 14: Tower of Mirrors
 32:59  A tower of mirrors....great bad luck cometh when I break...
Part 15: Tower of Mirrors Revisted
 17:49  More bad luck....why put that stair choice there if its...
Part 16: The Mirror World
 22:32  WEEEEEEE
Part 18: Return to the Red Sea and Mirror World
 26:11  I want more Gold Bars and another Rednusadner
Part 19: The Deathbringer's Castle
 26:48  Who did not see that Cyclops thing coming?!
Part 20: Xiphos The Deathbringer
Part 21: Mirror Mirror On The Wall
 27:52  Fighting the 4 mirror bosses.
Part 22: Mirror World, Easy Gold, and Easy EXP
 21:06  King Letam = 1 level practically each match, and Clank n'...
Part 23: Valgirt, the 3 headed dragon
 12:57  Phew x.x Almost got eaten.
Part 24: Big Red, I mean Der Gib
 16:58  Someone barely avoided getting sued by Wrigley
Part 25: Metal King Sword = Hax on King Letam
 24:34  Seriously, 6 hits is all it takes to kill this guy with it.
Part 26: Tombola can go screw itself, kthxbai
 14:46  And with more random fights.
Part 27: Nomegeon and Valgirt Nedlog
Part 28: Edahs 'Sohpix
 33:54  ....Seriously S-E, can you come up with better names now?
Part 29: Journey Anew
 11:31  This time with the Deathbringer. I decided to only include...
Part 30: Galantyne Glades The Easy Way
 10:09  Galantyne Glades again, this time with the Deathbringer.
Part 31: Mount Arondight Again
 16:25  Fleurette was quite useful here actually...for 1 part. Hate...
Part 32: Fishy Monsters
 17:44  I stopped recording in the middle of a battle cause I had to...
Part 33: Tower of Mirrors Yet Again
 13:53  I wish I could use that broken stairway...
Part 34: Mirror World and The Red Sea, 2 for 1 Deal!
 14:46  Here's something rare, me doing 2 stages in 1 video, yay! I...
Part 35: Deathbringer's Cathedral
 19:40  Sword must feel at home. Xipho's castle is much better now.
Part 36: Bring Death to the Deathbringer
 15:37  Gladly. Deathbringer Sword, kill him. I also keep in... 1 comment
Part 37: Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall, 6 of you are gonna fall.
 15:16  Nomeg, Salta, Clank n' Knalc, King Letam, Valgirt, and Der...
Part 38: Nomegoen and Valgirt Nedlog
 22:01  I combined these 2 since it wasn't oging to be that tough......
Part 39: Edahs 'Sohpix, and Xiphos once more
 25:17  Deathbringer's Shade is just too powerful. And I show...

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