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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes
Dec 11, 2008
~7 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Axel Ryman Mar 17, 2009 16 5:24:00 Wii RSS
Beginning with Practice
 10:55  Yes the Japanese MvC-esque game is in my hands. This is... 5 comments
Arcade Mode as Ryu and Ken the Eagle
 30:01  A run through Arcade mode on normal mode as Ryu and Ken the... 1 comment
Arcade Mode as Rock Volnutt and Roll
 28:44  Arcade mode run with Rock Volnutt(Or Megaman Volnutt) from... 1 comment
Arcade Mode as PTX 40A
 20:06  Now I play as the giant robot from Lost Planet Extreme...
Arcade Mode as Morrigan and Alex
 20:34  Next up is the succubus Morrigan and the wrestler Alex on... 1 comment
Arcade Mode as Saki and Tekkaman
 25:24  The gun toting Saki from an obscure game and Tekkaman...a...
Arcade Mode as Soki and Batsu
 21:47  Soki, an Oni from Onimusha, and Batsu, a kid from Rival...
Arcade Mode as Viewtiful Joe and Chun-Li
 21:44  Although I'm really late to upload this, its mainly cause my... 1 comment
Arcade Mode Capcom Character endings
 8:46  The rest of the Capcom character endings I didn't obtain.... 2 comments
Arcade Mode as Ken the Eagle and Jun the Swan
 18:49  OHHH GATCHAMAN!!! GATCAMAN!!! Jun is also from Gatchaman. ...
Arcade Mode as Casshern and Tekkaman
 18:14  Casshern scares me...and Tekkaman still seems like a robot...
Arcade Mode as Karas and Doronjo
Arcade Mode as Yatterman-1 and Polymar
 20:27  Yay I get to use a Kendama and change into a drill...thing..... 1 comment
Arcade Mode as Ippatsuman and Hakushon Daimaou
 23:40  Now the 2 hidden characters on the Tatsunoko side. Ippatsum... 1 comment
Arcade Mode as Gold Lightan
 20:51  ....I hate this one -__- Gold Lightan is the main character...
Tatsunoko Character Endings
 13:23  The rest of the character endings. Jun the Swan has 2... 1 comment

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