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Castlevania Judgment
Nov 18, 2008
~6 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Axel Ryman Dec 9, 2008 23 7:10:26 Wii RSS
Normal Difficulty
Simon Belmont's Story Mode
 21:22  Just a small side project I did before I continue ToS.... 4 comments
Alucard's Story Mode
 21:06  Next up is the half human-half vampire Alucard. You can... 3 comments
Maria Renard's Story
 22:10  *Head-freaking-desk* 3 comments
Sypha Belnades' Story
 17:51  Tristan: BURN THE WITCH
Grant Danasty's story
 18:43  My favorite character. Reminds me a lot of Voldo from Soul...
Eric Lecarde's Story
 18:08  How the fuck can this kid wield a lance over 2x his size!?!? 1 comment
Golem's Story
 18:07  Me want food
Carmilla's Story
 17:08  No comment...her Ultra Attack though definitely looks like...
Cornell's Story
 15:56  Blue Crescent Moon......or in this case, Red Crescent Moon
Trevor Belmont's Story
 14:35  The first slayer of Dracula!
Shanoa's Story
 16:38  Yay Shanoa finally. She's actually fun.
Death's Story
 19:54  Slow Ultra is Slow. 1 comment
Dracula's Story
 17:23  The Lord of Darkness is now in my hands!! MWAHAHAHA!!! ...
Simon's True Story Mode
 21:52  True Story only occurs after completing Story Mode as...
Maria, Sypha, Trevor, and Eric's True Ending
 20:09  True endings for the 4 characters.
Shanoa, Grant, Alucard, and Cornell's True Ending
 20:54  Before anyone says anything, yes, I own when Cornell is in...
Carmilla, Golem, Death, and Dracula's True Ending
 20:47  I actually found a cheap way to get Death's ultra to work... 1 comment
Aeon's Story Mode
 19:27  I gotta say, Aeon has become one of my favorite characters...
A run through on Arcade Mode
 17:54  Just a quick run through Arcade Mode. Or it would of been...
Castle Mode Part 1
 19:12  A run through Castle Mode in 4 parts as Aeon. No I'm not...
Castle Mode Part 2
 18:29  Part 2 of Castle Mode 2 comments
Castle Mode Part 3
 15:52  Part 3 of Castle Mode
Castle Mode Part 4
 16:49  The final part of Castle Mode.

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