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Silent Hill 2
"Hard to Hit"

Receive less than 500 points...
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Aero The Acro-Bat
October 1993
Iguana Ent.
~2 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
LancerDo Jun 28, 2010 13 2:19:17 C Super Nintendo RSS
Part 1: The Greatest Show on Earth
 10:50  We take on Act 1 & 2 of the Circus.
Part 2: You Suck Aero!
 10:40  We fail at the bonus round and take on Act 3 1 comment
Part 3: Going Through Hoops
 10:39  After wrapping up Act 3 we take on Act 4
Part 4: Lost in the Dark
 10:39  Another classic fail episode
Part 5: Fun at the Fair
 10:56  We take on the Stilt Brothers which are pretty easy. We... 2 comments
Part 6: Looking For Keys
 10:39  We search the Fun Park for keys.
Part 7: Rollercoaster & Hoops
 10:36  More Rotor, Rollercoaster and Hoop craziness.
Part 8: Unnatural Selection
 11:00  We take on Mr. Bubbles and check out the Woods.
Part 9: Bungee Jumping & Rapids Riding
 10:51  We do some Bungee Jumping and ride some Rapids 1 comment
Part 10: Museum of Danger
 10:51  We continue through the Museum trying not to die from the... 1 comment
Part 11: The Dreaded Green Slime
 10:21  More mayhem occurs in this malicious Museum.
Part 12: Playing in the Laboratory
 10:54  We hang out in the Laboratory. 1 comment
Part 13: Chasing Ektor
 10:21  We take on Ektor and wrap this game up. 1 comment

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