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Breath of Fire
Oct 10, 1994
~11 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Axel Ryman Nov 10, 2008 51 9:39:03 C Super Nintendo RSS
 6:14  I said I would do it, and I'm delivering. One of my old...
Part 1
 7:39  Now begins our journey of...hey wtf who set my house on fire...
Part 2
 9:49  Now we journey to the outside world. THE WORLD IS HUGE AND ...
Part 3: Slaying ugly toads
 7:05  Continuing with the playthrough now. We go through the...
part 4: Solid Axel
 7:41  We must stop the earthquakes! And find food! LOTS AND LOTS...
part 5: Am I in hell?
 12:03  What the? o_O Is this hell?
part 6: Boring world map fights
 11:11  Now we travel to Winlan.......I want my money....and food......
part 7: Back to the village again
 14:44  First back to some old places and then we continue. Wait...
part 8: Through the doom for-wtf?
 8:32  Why is there a building floating over water? o_O THROUGH TH...
part 9: I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!
Part 10: We are off to see the Wizard
 17:20  Continuing where we left off, we go to find the Wizard and...
Part 11: Into the forest of death part 2
 10:13  Great another forest. How many of these are there?... 2 comments
Part 12: Playing with Pog and fast forwarding
 9:16  Here I use my first and probably only recorded save state. I...
Part 13: Pre-Resident Evil times
 10:37  ZOMBIES!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!...
Part 14: My Not Secret Training Spot
 13:02  Yes it is not a secret now. Or was not before....
Part 15: Into the floating fortress
 10:38  So yeah how do you get inside a floating fortress? With some...
Part 16: Did I press the Easy button?
 4:25  Seriously that boss battle was nothing ._.
Part 17: More cave hopping
 7:07  zzzzz I hate caves zzzzz
Part 18: The boss I hate the most
 9:10  I still hate the Gremlin even though I made him look easy .
part 19:I love goooooooooooold
 6:23  I really do, especially when it makes me rich.
part 20: I still love goooooooooooooold
 12:47  Going after the gold bar
part 21: Aradian Niiiiights
 7:19  And Aradian Daaaaaaays!! I
part 22: Tomb Robbing FTW
 14:27  Yay we get to rob a tomb! 1 comment
part 23: More thievery
 6:25  Now I steal some of the best stuff...thats right...the Life...
Part 24: Tower #125478
 10:45  Yay Tower of Darkness.
Part 25: Sailing woes
 24:07  Because sailing always has problems.
 11:38  Ok enough of that ._.
part 27: Delays
 7:06  Yeah I delay myself here
part 28: Save the Ox from the Ghost
 15:01  Time to save the survivor
part 29: Save the Oxen!
 14:29  Gotta save the others now
part 30: I hate the flea market
 8:07  Cause finding the good stuff is hard.
part 31: Controlling chickens with their eggs
 11:37  Great now I want some chicken
part 32: Town that moves.....fuck I want a town like that!
 9:45  Seriously, then no one could find me!
part 33: Sorcery, music, and fishing. Ahhh I hate thee.
 20:53  Art wasn't my favorite subject in school. Nor was science,...
part 34: Showing off my Dragon Powa
 5:31  Yes the long awaited return now. Also small request from a...
part 35: ERROOOOOO
 13:29  Those guys are so easy.
part 36: Fly Swatting, Weed Pulling, and Monster Slaying
 11:10  Summary: Get the Oil for Bleu. Save Gust Cross the bridge
Part 37: Spoiled Princesses are Bitches
 11:19  Summary: Head ahead to see a new place earlier than expected...
Part 38: Invisible Walls and stupid pathways
 13:01  Summary: Go to the tower Get lost Find boss RUN AWAY Go back...
Part 39: More walls, a Moth, and Secret Goodies
 15:44  Summary: Head back to the tower Get lost again Reach the top...
Part 40: Spyre Tower and...another dream!?!?
 11:03  Summary: Enter Spyre Climb the tower Kill enemies Get thrown...
 14:59  Summary: Go through rotating room Find the path to the top K...
part 42: Tower of Tick Tock Tock
 11:10  Summary: Head to Tock Be sent out Go back to Carmen
part 43: The Cure for Amnesia
 19:52  Summary: Return to Tock and take care of Cerl...
part 44: Preparing to take out the Empire
 13:41  Summary: Explore the world and get a bunch of missing things...
part 45: The final battle?
 16:33  Summary: Invade the castle Fight Zog Insert spoiler here
part 46: Good-bye sister...
 15:30  Summary: Chase after Sara Defeat Sara Chase after Jade Wake ...
part 47: Mogu learns to spin right round baby right round
 4:09  Summary: Find the Iron Claw Learn how to use it Gain entranc...
part 48: You can't stop the rock Axel!
 4:41  Summary: Go through the Obelisk Fight Goda
part 49: Revenge for my sister
 12:49  Summary: Find Jade Defeat him once and for all

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