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Abyss The Wraiths of Eden
"Winners don't skip"

Finish 3 mini-games in a row...
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Jun 1, 1995
Ape Studios
~15 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
EMPBLMMMSD Sep 12, 2017 19 2:02:31 Super Nintendo RSS
Part 1 - Names Setup and Prologue
 5:06  The first part of me playing Earthbound. Paul (Myself) Cass... 4 comments
Part 2 - Starman Jr. and Sound Stone
 9:03  The only boss that's impossible to lose. I've also got a... 4 comments
Part 3 - Lier X Agreate
 6:43  Completely optional, but a nice way of earning money to get... 4 comments
Part 4 - Cheap Bracelet
 5:10  A recommended arm equipment that'll make Onett a lot easier... 2 comments
Part 5 - Getting Ready to Fight Frank
 5:10  I highly recommend level 5 and to take as many hamburgers...
Part 6 - Frank
 2:55  Here I am fighting Frank and his partner.
Part 7 - The Key to the Shack
 2:21  To get to the first Your Sanctuary spot, you need the key to... 2 comments
Part 8 - Leveling up to 9
 17:08  I highly recommend level 9 and to take as many hamburgers as...
Part 9 - Titanic Ant and Giant Step
 6:32  This is what the sound stone is for. Recording the eight...
Part 10 - In Trouble by the Police
 6:58  After Ness defeats the Titanic Ant and records the melody of...
Part 11 - Leveling up to 13
 18:18  I highly recommend level 13 and to take as many hamburgers...
Part 12 - The Police
 3:40  Here I am fighting the police. Be sure to save your PP for...
Part 13 - Heading to Twoson
 2:53  Now that I have defeated Strong, I have permission to go to...
Part 14 - Paula is Missing
 5:56  Paula has been kidnapped by the evil Carpainter and Pokey....
Part 15 - Leveling up to 15
 10:57  The next step is to fight Everdred, but I highly recommend...
Part 16 - Everdred
 2:35  Here I am fighting Everdred. Remember to use PSI Rockin...
Part 17 - The Fruit Boys
 1:59  Your next thing is to talk to Apple Kid and Orange Kid. At...
Part 18 - The Pencil Statue
 5:18  After you examine the Pencil Statue in Peaceful Rest Valley,...
Part 19 - The Pencil Eraser
 3:49  You need the Pencil Eraser in order to get passed the statue...
This guide is not complete. It was last updated on September 19, 2017.
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