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Earthworm Jim Special Edition
Mar 15, 1995
~1 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
newfiebangaa Feb 25, 2010 8 1:19:52 C Sega CD RSS
Normal Difficulty
#01 - Groovy Time
 10:55  I already did the SNES version on a previous channel. Now... 2 comments
#02 - Blind Bruty
 10:54  Just like Toucan Sam, he's gotta follow his nose to get me.... 1 comment
#03 - Theory of Worms
 10:30  Disappointing that the whole soundtrack of this game is not...
#04 - Upset Victory
 10:53  I don't know how I did it, but I just narrowly defeated Bob...
#05 - Chicken Falling
 10:00  A worm in a space suit free falling with a robotic chicken....
#06 - Intestinal Fortitude
 10:14  A very gross level that apparently the SNES could not... 2 comments
#07 - Buttville
 10:33  I can honestly say this should have been better. But what...
#08 - Down with the Queen [Final]
 5:53  Once again, I'm the best, the game said so, XD. Now that...

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