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Bloodstained Curse of the...
"Emperor of Darkness"

Sacrifice every adventurer and...
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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Oct 30, 2007
NIS America
Nippon Ichi Soft.
~16 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
xXExceedEdgeXx Oct 11, 2013 32 10:54:54 HD PSP RSS
Laharl Mode Etna Mode
 0:51  Not the most glamorous opening but the later games at least...
Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld
 27:52  I try to mention this on certain games as often as possible... 2 comments
Episode 4: Gift from an Angel
 28:00  1 comment
Episode 5: Etna's Secret
 29:27  1 comment
Episode 8: Reincarnation
 27:44  2 comments
Episode 1: Super Dimensional Etna
 25:34  Etna Mode is unlocked by receiving the Testament Item from...
Baal Castle (Etna Mode Ver.) The Tyrant of Terror In The Netherworld
 12:49  I actually didn't expect that to happen after beating Baal...

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