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"Chapter 2 Cleared"

Cleared Chapter 2.
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Dungeons & Dragons Tactics
Aug 14, 2007
Kuju Entertainment
Dungeons & Dragons Tactics is a strategy-RPG that was released in 2007 for the PSP. It is set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons and uses a strict interpretation of the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition rule set.

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shadow1976664 Jul 22, 2013 16 4:37:48 C PSP RSS
This Walkthrough is on hold till I can get my hardware problems solved.
Part 2 - Arion
 16:22  1 comment
Part 4 - Estmanndal
 29:42  1 comment
Part 10 - Three Way Split (Viewer Participation Wanted)
 1:45  Voting is over and viewer participation is over.
This guide is not complete. It was last updated on May 13, 2014.
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