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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Oct 9, 2007
Square Enix
~15 hours play time
Released for the PSP, The War of the Lions is an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics, originally released for the first PlayStation. The game features many new additions that were not in the original title.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
xXExceedEdgeXx Jul 20, 2013 96 16:19:15 HD PSP RSS
Title Screen
 1:19  2 comments
 15:09  Ramza's Birthday varies but according to the Manual his...
Mandalia Plain
Dorter Slums
Brigands' Den
Windflat Mill
Araguay Woods
Zeichele Falls
Balias Tor
Goug Lowtown
Balias Swale
The Scriptures of Germonique
 11:51  2 comments
Zeklaus Desert [Luso Event]
 15:16  Luso's Event Occurs after you finish the 3 part battle at... 1 comment
Grogh Heights
The Yuguewood
Riovanes Castle Roof
 10:00  1 comment
The Clockwork City of Goug [Construct 8 Event Part 1]
 1:14  This Event can be started as soon as you can get control of...
The Magick City of Gariland [Agrias Birthday Event]
 3:03  This event occurs in Chapter 4 as soon as you can get... 1 comment
Gollund Colliery Floor [Beowulf & Reis Event Part 1]
 13:32  This Event can best be started after you view the event in...
Gollund Coal Shaft [Beowulf & Reis Event Part 4]
 7:45  It should be noted that you must allow Beowulf and Reis into...
The Clockwork City of Goug [Construct 8 Event Part 2]
 2:45  This Event can best be started after you completed "The...
Dugeura Pass
Finnath Creek
Outlying Church
Beddha Sandwaste
 7:35  At the Beginning of the Battle you'll be put in poison...
Fort Besselat South Wall
 7:56  When you reach Fort Besselat its doesn't matter which wall...
Fort Besselat North Wall
 10:27  Since I mentioned this in the South Wall Video I'll mention...
Fort Besselat Sluice
 10:55  I believe in the PSX version you had to wait it out when you...
Dorter Slums [Balthier Event]
 10:21  This Sidequest can be intiated after the fight at Free City...
The Trade City of Sal Ghidos [Cloud Event Part 1]
 1:51  Chronologically speaking I consider this the first event for...
Lake Poescas
Limberry Castle Gate
 7:20  The Battle's in Limberry are the best battles for Ramza and...
Limberry Castle Inner Court
 8:29  This is one of the bonus battles that was added into War of...
Dorter [Cletienne Bonus Battle]
 7:43  This battle is another one of those added battles they added...
The Clockwork City of Goug [Cloud Event Part 2]
 1:25  This Event is best viewed after you complete the series of...
Zeltennia Castle Chapel Ruins [Agrias Event Part 1]
 4:53  This is another bonus cutscene added to War of the Lion's....
Nelveska Temple [Beowulf & Reis Event Part 4]
 11:17  After the event at The Clockwork City of Goug (Cloud Event...
The Clockwork City of Goug [Cloud Event Part 3]
 2:25  This event can be viewed after restoring Reis back to Human...
Sal Ghidos [Cloud Event Part 4]
 10:36  This event takes place after meeting Cloud at The Clockwork...
Mount Bervenia [Cloud Event Part 5]
 6:27  This is Cloud's last event which involves getting his...
Lionel Outskirts [Beowulf & Reis Event Part 5]
 4:04  This Event can be done as soon as Reis is human (Beowulf &...
Lionel Castle Oratory [Beowulf & Reis Event Part 7]
 15:19  Bremondt's first phase is a joke but its when he turn's...
Brigands' Den [Agrias Event Part 2]
 9:37  This event takes place after viewing the event at Zeltennia...
The Port City of Warjilis [Midlight Deep Event]
 1:46  This event can be started after finishing the series of...
The Crevasse [Midlight Deep Floor 1]
 10:14  Midlight Dungeon is a unique dungeon as completing the...
Terminus [Midlight Deep Floor 10]
 12:55  Another Zodiac Stone? Well apparently so, make sure you...
Monastery Vaults Fourth Level
 5:22  Warning!!!! Be Sure your absolutely sure you have a save on...
Lost Halidom
 13:34  In case you want to skip past the credits, skip to 11:20 for... 1 comment

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