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God of War (2018)
"A New Friend"

Survive the Witch’s Woods
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Saru Get You: SaruSaru Daisakusen
Jul 26, 2007
h.a.n.d. Inc.
~3 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Roxas1359 Oct 18, 2017 21 3:55:50 CHD PSP RSS
Oh no, seems Spike, Natalie, and all the other Ape Escape protagonists have been shrunk by Specter's new Nano-Canon! In order to return to normal size they must retrieve 6 special cards and defeat the Freaky Monkey Five along with Specter before Specter shrinks the entire human population! Can Spike and Natalie save their friends and stop Specter while being tiny? Find out in this playthrough of Ape Escape: Big Mission!

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