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Collect every Trophy in Yooka...
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Q1 2017
Playtonic Games
~16 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Aug 31, 2019 42 20:54:53 HD37 PlayStation 4 RSS
Part 1: The Story Begins
 28:35  Opening, Shipwreck Creek, and Hivory Towers
Part 2: Tribalstack Tropics
 30:02  Tribalstack Tropics New Moves: Sonar Shot and Slurp Shot
Part 3: Old School Gaming, New Shcool Racing
 28:47  Tribalstack Tropics Arcade Game: Kartos Karting New Move: ...
Part 4: Tribal Trouble
 28:46  Tribalstack Tropics
Part 5: Dr. Quack's Quiz Time! Round 1
 30:00  Tribalstack Tropics and Hivory Towers
Part 6: Uphill Battle Against Rampos
 31:33  Tribalstack Tropics
Part 7: Rextro's Arcade Room
 36:11  Hivory Towers Rextro's Arcade Room
Part 8: Turning Up The Heat In Glitterglaze Glacier
 30:02  Hivory Towers and Glitterglaze Glacier New Moves: Lizard Le...
Part 9: Plowing Through The Snow
 30:02  Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 10: Kartos' Minecart Run
 30:09  Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 11: Exploring the Icymetric Castle
 29:53  Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 12: Brrreeze Blok's Meltdown
 30:01  Glitterglaze Glacier Arcade: Glaciators
Part 13: Pushing Abilities to the Limit
 30:02  Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 14: Booking Through the Archives
 29:23  Glitterglaze Glacier and Hivory Towers
Part 15: Mucking Through Moodymaze Marsh
 30:01  Hivory Towers and Moodymaze Marsh New Moves: Lizard Lash an...
Part 16: Feeding Frenzy in the Pipes
 29:59  Moodymaze Marsh Arcade: Bee Bop
Part 17: Tenteyecle Tussle
 30:02  Moodymaze Marsh
Part 18: Press and Switch
 29:55  Moodymaze Marsh
Part 19: Dr. Quack's Quackfire Quiz, Round 2
 30:01  Moodymaze Marsh and Hivory Towers
Part 20: Infiltrating Capital Cashino
 30:02  Hivory Towers and Capital Cashino New Move: Reptile Rush
Part 21: Rextro's Hurdle Hijinx
 27:58  Capital Cashino Arcade: Hurdle Hijinx
Part 22: Cashino High Rollers
 30:03  Capital Cashino
Part 23: The I.N.E.P.T.-itude Test
 30:00  Capital Cashino
Part 24: Cashinio's Deluxe Upgrade
 30:21  Capital Cashino and Hivory Towers
Part 25: Cashino Air Transport
 30:04  Capital Cashino
Part 26: Cleaning Out The Cashino
 30:03  Capital Cashino and Hivory Towers
Part 27: Making Port at Galleon Galaxy
 30:11  Hivory Towers and Galleon Galaxy New Move: Sonar Shield
Part 28: Hivory Towers' Hidden Pagies
 30:07  Galleon Galaxy and Hivory Towers
Part 29: Tribalstack Backtrack
 30:01  Hivory Towers and Tribalstack Tropics
Part 30: Top of the Tropics
 29:50  Tribalstack Tropics
Part 31: Breaking The Ice
 29:58  Tribalstack Tropics, Hivory Towers, and Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 32: The Castle's Lost Pagies
 30:01  Glitterglaze Glacier
Part 33: Pagies, Quills, and Treasure
 30:02  Glitterglaze Glacier, Hivory Towers, and Moodymaze Marsh
Part 34: The Tipping Point
 30:01  Moodymaze Marsh, Hivory Towers, Capital Cashino, and Galleon...
Part 35: Up'n Nova
 30:02  Galleon Galaxy Arcade: Up'n Nova
Part 36: Flying Among The Stars
 30:09  Galleon Galaxy
Part 37: Planette-ary Destruction
 29:59  Galleon Galaxy
Part 38: Plumbing Problems
 29:47  Galleon Galaxy
Part 39: Securing the Galaxy's Pagies
 30:03  Galleon Galaxy
Part 40: Putting Around The Galaxy
 30:01  Galleon Galaxy
Yooka Laylee Part 41: The Final Quackfire Quiz
 23:23  Galleon Galaxy and Hivory Towers
Part 42: Delivering Capital B.'s Punishment
 29:23  Hivory Towers Final Boss Fight: Capital B.

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