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God Eater Resurrection
Oct 29, 2015
Bandai Namco Games
~92 hours play time
God Eater Resurrection is an updated version of God Eater Burst with not only enhanced graphics and event scenes reconfigured to match the latest hardware, but also with additional story content and combat features.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Jan 6, 2019 207 92:17:05 HD33 PlayStation 4 RSS
Gods will fall. Humanity will rise.

In a future where creatures called Aragami roam the ravaged earth, humanity has been reduced to a mere sliver of its former number. As a new-type God Eater, you and others must fight against these monsters and defend the last remnants of humanity.
Part 1: New-Type on the Block
 28:31  Opening, Intro, and Training
Part 2: Hands On Training
 26:18  Training and Devil's Tail Also showing Online Mode
Part 3: Purifying the Cocoons
 28:18  Free Missions: Cowboy, Fallen Angel Egg Mission: Corrupt Co...
Part 4: Growing Bonds
 28:57  Missions: Iron Rain, Practice Tutorial, Kongou Giant Free M...
Part 5: 1st Squad Mission
 30:05  Free Mission: Crocodile One Missions: Mouse Trap, Crocodile...
Part 6: The Girl From Russia
 25:23  Urgent Mission: Mayflies Missions: Snowball, Awakening God ...
Part 7: Sign of the Times
 23:47  Mission: Green Purebreeds Free Mission: Setting Sun
Part 8: Solo Ops: The Watermill
 30:30  Free Mission: Watermill
Part 9: Building Bonds
 30:12  Free Missions: First Frost, Snail's Shell, and Ocean Wall
Part 10: Aurora and Rat Trap
 20:29  Missions: Aurora and Rat Trap
Part 11: Pulling the Trigger
 19:53  Mission: Moon in the Welkin
Part 12: The Midpoint
 30:08  Free Missions: Molten Iron and Hailstorm Urgent Mission: Mi...
Part 13: Rebellion's Beacon
 32:12  Free Missions: Cracked Sanidine, Salty Dog, and Rebellion's...
Part 14: Rusted Edge
 23:18  Mission: Rusted Edge
Part 15: City Riot and Crocodile Swagger
 32:00  Free Mission: City Riot Mission: Crocodile Swagger
Part 16: An Awakening Resonance
 26:20  Free Mission: Return Urgent Mission: Mayflies
Part 17: Lindow's Status: MIA
 19:47  Mission: Daytime Owl Free Mission: Idle Warrior
Part 18: Shared Happiness
 20:29  Mission: Supply Retrieval
Part 19: Lindow's Hidden Memento
 27:45  Mission: Red Antares
Part 20: Alisa's Recovery
 23:46  Mission: Black Trojan Free Mission: Snow Mouse
Part 21: A Perfect Day for a Hunting Picnic
 28:06  Urgent Mission: Midpoint Free Missions: Rabbit Hunt and Pic...
Part 22: Scarlet Charger and Tyrant's Breath
 20:53  Free Mission: Scarlet Charger Mission: Tyrant's Breath
Part 23: Alisa's Return
 29:57  Missions: Monkey Guts and Flame Shield
Part 24: Alisa Overcomes
 25:16  Urgent Mission: Mayflies Mission: Winter's Dawn
Part 25: A New Captain
 29:49  Missions: Iron Blizzard and Storm Baptism
Part 26: A Model God Eater
 29:09  Free Missions: Sewer Crocodile, Lone Monkey, and Knight's...
Part 27: Personal Interests
 30:40  Free Missions: Rampage and Twilight Monkey Urgent Mission: ...
Part 28: Learning to Trust
 26:19  Free Mission: Lone Evil Eye and Basement Fire-Croc Mission:...
Part 29: Soma's Cold Response
 22:08  Mission: Sunlight on Snow Free Mission: Hell's Kitchen
Part 30: Poking at Sore Spots
 29:46  Urgent Mission: Triple Cross Free Missions: Tequila Sunrise...
Part 31: Singularity Found?
 28:41  Free Mission: Jungle Tiger Mission: Sleet
Part 32: Symbol of Swords and Slingshot
 32:40  Mission: Symbol of Swords Free Mission: Slingshot
Part 33: Sakaki's Request
 20:36  Urgent Mission: Mayflies Free Mission: God of Thunder
Part 34: Troika and Treacherous Temple
 30:19  Free Missions: Troika and Treacherous Temple
Part 35: Crouching Aragami, Hidden Agenda
 20:21  Mission: Hematite Rose
Part 36: Sakaki's Surprising Discovery
 28:31  Mission: Carnage Feast
Part 37: Grouse of the Mist and Summer Horsefly
 30:33  Free Missions: Grouse of the Mist and Summer Horsefly
Part 38: Urgent Mission: Infantry Swarm
 20:45  Urgent Mission: Infantry Swarm
Part 39: Sea Breeze
 21:44  Free Mission: Sea Breeze
Part 40: Swampside Heron
 20:18  Free Mission: Swampside Heron
Part 41: A Big Bro's Worries
 21:36  Mission: Black Alligator
Part 42: Dancing Ogre & Bow and Spear
 33:41  Free Missions: Dancing Ogre & Bow and Spear
Part 43: An Aragami Called Shio
 31:32  Mission: Pilgrim
Part 44: Frozen Elephant
 30:31  Urgent Mission: Infantry Swarm Free Mission: Frozen Elephan...
Part 45: The Crimson and Golden Knights
 30:24  Free Missions: Purple Spark and Swirl Fire
Part 46: Soma's Boiling Point
 30:02  Free Mission: Poison Butterfly Mission: Spring Thunder
Part 47: Another Swarm
 18:09  Urgent Mission: Infantry Swarm
Part 48: Two Lost Souls
 32:09  Missions: Shopping Mall and Sweet Home
Part 49: Shio's Dress Recital
 30:02  Mission: Hunting Cloak
Part 50: Target: Ouroboros
 21:30  Mission: Primordial Spiral
Part 51: A Signal of Hope
 30:01  Mission: Icy Damsel
Part 52: Operation: Thunderstorm
 25:31  Urgent Mission: Thunderstorm
Part 53: Ruffians and Empress's Forest
 32:00  Free Missions: Ruffians and Empress's Forest
Part 54: Dragon's Breath
 18:28  Free Mission: Dragon's Breath
Part 55: Cavern Bears
 20:35  Mission: Cavern Bears
Part 56: Raising the Den's Defenses
 27:59  Mission: Break Shot
Part 57: Calm Before The Thunderstorm
 27:14  Urgent Mission: Thunderstorm
Part 58: Big Bro's Resolve
 29:31  Mission: Avalanche
Part 59: Bison Grass Vodka
 26:36  Free Mission: Bison Grass Vodka
Part 60: The Heat of Battle
 29:23  Free Missions: Drosera and Steady Flare
Part 61: Another Storm Brews
 25:57  Urgent Mission: Thunderstorm
Part 62: Sarracenia and Nut Cracker
 33:02  Free Missions: Sarracenia and Nut Cracker
Part 63: Bestial Twilight
 32:18  Mission: Bestial Twilight
Part 64: Thermal Jacket and Nepenthes
 32:10  Free Missions: Thermal Jacket and Nepenthes
Part 65: Thunderstorms Return
 23:50  Urgent Mission: Thunderstorm
Part 66: Collector
 30:00  Free Mission: Collector
Part 67: Cephalotus
 23:40  Free Mission: Cephalotus
Part 68: Shio Goes Off The Deep End
 23:10  Mission: Hellfire Shield
Part 69: The Exiled Emperor
 16:44  Free Mission: Exiled Emperor
Part 70: Same Angle, Different Time
 27:32  Mission: Obsidian Sacrifice
Part 71: The Real "Aegis" Project
 27:37  Mission: Sunken Beacon
Part 72: Ice Croc's Slumber and Big Smile
 30:04  Free Missions: Ice-Croc's Slumber and Big Smile
Part 73: Ancient Battle Tank
 21:01  Free Mission: Ancient Battle Tank
Part 74: Big Family
 20:40  Free Mission: Big Family
Part 75: The Rising Tide
 28:59  Free Mission: Devourer of Tomorrow
Part 76: Kota's Conflicting Choice
 28:50  Mission: Home of Souls
Part 77: Shark Fin
 28:54  Mission: Shark Fin
Part 78: Regal Bones
 30:10  Mission: Regal Bones
Part 79: Cover's Blown!
 31:50  Mission: Death Stalker
Part 80: The Team's Back Together!
 30:05  Mission: Dead Proof
Part 81: Despair and Hope
 30:30  Mission: Hope
Part 82: Today's Goodbye
 14:53  Ending of "Ark Project" Arc and Credits
Part 83: An Aloof Dream
 30:05  Free Mission: An Aloof Dream
Part 84: Business As Usual
 30:02  Missions: Little Ruler, Angels in a Refuge, and West...
Part 85: Queen of Obstruction
 26:33  Urgent Mission: Queen of Obstruction
Part 86: Life Lingers On
 14:40  Mission: Missile Fire
Part 87: Hannibal Attacks!
 35:09  Missions: Lion's Revenge and Firelords in a Storm
Part 88: Lindow, Lend Me Strength
 25:33  Free Mission: Rice Chase
Part 89: Waterline Repair
 16:58  Free Mission: Waterline Repair
Part 90: The Queen Returns
 30:42  Urgent Mission: Queen of Obstruction
Part 91: Wicked Fruit, Sunken Arrow
 25:58  Free Missions: Wicked Fruit and Sunken Arrow
Part 92: Croc Three and Phoenix Nest
 22:26  Free Missions: Croc Three and Phoenix Nest
Part 93: Moth's Grave and Submarine
 37:41  Free Missions: Moth's Grave and Submarine
Part 94: Gold Cost and Vortex of Chaos
 30:01  Free Missions: Gold Coast and Vortex of Chaos
Part 95: Sweeper and Thor's Banquet
 33:15  Free Missions: Sweeper and Thor's Banquet
Part 96: The Fifth Element
 21:23  Mission: Fifth Element
Part 97: Devourer of Future
 36:56  Mission: Devourer of Future Free Mission: Naked Monkey
Part 98: Frozen City, Needles and Sewage
 27:37  Free Missions: Frozen City & Needles and Sewage
Part 99: Burning Tracks and Nightfall Scam
 26:11  Free Missions: Burning Tracks and Nightfall Scam
Part 100: Fire and Ice
 34:15  Free Missions: Alligator Hunter & Fire and Ice
Part 101: Undertaker
 21:58  Free Mission: Undertaker
Part 102: Tandoor
 23:54  Mission: Tandoor
Part 103: Incense Bonfire
 25:09  Urgent Mission: Incense Bonfire
Part 104: A Dark Shimmer and Dark Wings
 28:02  Missions: Dark Shimmer and Dark Wing
Part 105: Knight and Rush & Scaly Thrush
 30:17  Mission: Knight and Rust Free Mission: Scaly Thrush
Part 106: Queens of the Aragami Age
 29:34  Free Missions: Molecular Eyes and Storm Queen
Part 107: Onyx Smoke and Separated Kings
 38:17  Free Missions: Onyx Smoke and Separated Kings
Part 108: Screwdriver and Fake Sun
 29:36  Mission: Fake Sun Free Mission: Screwdriver
Part 109: Lindow's Alive!?
 42:05  Free Mission: Cerberus
Part 110: Dirty Bomb and Coyote Warrior
 30:37  Free Missions: Dirty Bomb and Coyote Warrior
Part 111: End to Vice
 26:23  Free Mission: The End to Vice
Part 112: The Dog Mines
 25:27  Mission: Dog Mines
Part 113: The Choices A Leader Must Make
 25:29  Mission: Fire Engine
Part 114: Devourer of World
 22:27  Mission: Devourer of World
Part 115: Tsunami
 22:51  Free Mission: Tsunami
Part 116: Giving Some Pointers
 37:07  Free Missions: Invasive Swarm and Purple Sparks
Part 117: The Lovely Lindow Luring Lineup!!
 22:07  Mission: Double Date
Part 118: Crouching Tiger, Blazing Dragon, Smiling Monkey
 33:01  Mission: Dragon-Tiger Fang Free Mission: Smiling Buddha
Part 119: Monkey's Wrath
 14:35  Free Mission: Monkey Wrath
Part 120: Flame Madness
 29:27  Urgent Mission: Flame Madness
Part 121: Unidentified and Goddess' Duty
 25:37  Free Missions: Unidentified and Goddess' Duty
Part 122: Newcomer Trials and Ruler's City
 32:28  Free Missions: Newcomer Trials and Ruler's City
Part 123: Runaway Tank and Dutch Oven
 33:11  Free Missions: Runaway Tank and Dutch Oven
Part 124: Nocturnal Axe
 15:51  Free Mission: Nocturnal Axe
Part 125: Sidecar of Trouble
 20:21  Free Mission: Sidecar
Part 126: Looters' Night
 20:42  Free Mission: Looters' Night
Part 127: Guardians of the Carrier
 28:13  Free Mission: Guardians
Part 128: The Gods' Twilight
 33:35  Missions: Divine Shadows and Tropical Fish
Part 129: A Devil's Heart Brings Thunderstorms
 29:21  Mission: A Devil's Heart Free Mission: Thunderstorm
Part 130: Rumbling Treads and Chimera
 27:08  Free Missions: Rumbling Treads and Chimera
Part 131: Poison Garnish
 18:51  Free Mission: Poison Garnish
Part 132: The Icebreaker Scouts
 23:55  Free Mission: Icebreaker Scouts
Part 133: Battle of the Venus
 21:46  Free Mission: The Venus
Part 134: Fires of Caldera, Devourer of All
 33:14  Missions: Fires of Caldera and Devourer of All
Part 135: Finding Brendan
 21:20  Mission: Ice-Cold Glare
Part 136: Op: Ranger Yell
 32:14  Urgent Mission: Ranger Yell
Part 137: Firefly and Wing Scales
 33:32  Mission: Firefly Free Mission: Wing Scales
Part 138: Into Thin Air
 14:43  Free Mission: Into Thin Air
Part 139: Split-Second Save
 30:37  Mission: King's Tryst
Part 140: Sea Fire
 19:25  Free Mission: Sea Fire
Part 141: Restoration of Myth and Pest Purge
 30:36  Free Missions: Restoration of Myth and Pest Purge
Part 142: Evil Princess
 19:40  Free Mission: Evil Princess
Part 143: Road to Idavollr
 17:42  Free Mission: Road to Idavollr
Part 144: Death Mask
 25:51  Free Mission: Death Mask
Part 145: Ones Who Devour The End
 29:13  Free Mission: Ones Who Devour the End
Part 146: Noble Dining
 23:50  Free Mission: Noble Dining
Part 147: St. Elmo's Fire
 25:41  Free Mission: St. Elmo's Fire
Part 148: Tower of Ivory
 22:38  Free Mission: Tower of Ivory
Part 149: Battle Royale at Aegis
 23:56  Free Mission: Lady Butterfly
Part 150: Don't Run Away From Living
 34:57  Missions: The Fall of Mankind and Devourer of the Mind
Part 151: Spiral of Reminiscence
 23:01  Mission: Spiral of Reminiscence
Part 152: One Last Brutal Stand
 27:27  Mission: True Moon Welkin (End of "Lindow Rescue" arc and B...
Part 153: Back in Action
 29:36  Mission: Radiant Halo Free Mission: Angel's Ladder
Part 154: Devil Bears with Braggart's Hearts
 30:46  Mission: Devil Bear Free Mission: Braggart's Heart
Part 155: Mole's Tunnel and Fire Prevention
 27:30  Mission: Fire Prevention Free Mission: Mole's Tunnel
Part 156: Aragami Insulation
 13:54  Mission: Insulation
Part 157: Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
 29:59  Urgent Mission: Spilt Milk
Part 158: September Shadow
 25:45  Mission: September Shadow
Part 159: Red Tape and Heliamphora
 31:47  Missions: Red Tape and Heliamphora
Part 160: The Second Coming of Nova
 30:09  Mission: Garimpeiro Free Mission: Sanghyang Jaran
Part 161: A New Threat
 30:03  Missions: Fool's Gold and Corn Snow
Part 162: Ink Clouds and Obsidian Heart
 27:16  Free Missions: Ink Clouds and Obsidian Heart
Part 163: The Material Age
 33:56  Urgent Mission: Material Age
Part 164: Easing Tensions
 25:01  Mission: Corroded Gorget
Part 165: The Nova Strikes Back!
 29:55  Mission: Grimsvotn
Part 166: A Leader's Advice
 27:58  Missions: Bog Offering and Sailing Rock
Part 167: Soma Bares His Soul
 20:20  Mission: Wispy Clouds
Part 168: Attack on Aegis: Venus Strikes!
 31:02  Mission: Water Lily
Part 169: 1st Unit Back in Action!
 30:27  Mission: Archvillain Free Mission: Sacred Rhythm
Part 170: Wildfire and Triumvirate
 30:11  Free Missions: Wildfire and Triumvirate
Part 171: Shio's Resonance
 30:52  Mission: Speculum Dianae Free Mission: Enceladus Rapids
Part 172: Big Trouble
 30:38  Urgent Mission: Big Trouble
Part 173: Dead Charger
 10:59  Free Mission: Dead Charger
Part 174: Great Black Trouble
 29:58  Mission: Great Black
Part 175: Aragami Test Tube
 26:14  Mission: Test Tube
Part 176: Following Shio's Trail
 29:25  Mission: Cardinal Free Mission: Dionaea
Part 177: Snow Firefly
 25:11  Mission: Snow Firefly
Part 178: Drifting Snow
 19:17  Mission: Drifting Snow
Part 179: Return of the 1st Unit
 28:43  Mission: Grounded Lightning
Part 180: Nova Unleahsed! God Eaters Unite!
 35:31  Mission: Dance of the Lunar Hare ("2nd Nova" Ending and Cre...
Part 181: The Sister's Deadly Dance
 29:35  Epilogue and Challenge Missions now open Mission: Deadly Si...
Part 182: Giant Spin and Frozen Murder
 40:21  Mission: Giant Spin (First attempt at doing a mission solo)...
Part 183: Little Ones and Big Ones
 28:13  Free Missions: The Little Ones' Revenge and Pilgrim 2
Part 184: Kanon's Secret Training
 30:36  Free Missions: Grand Prize and Kanon's Secret Training
Part 185: There's Gold In Them Thar Hides!
 23:02  Mission: Forty-Niner
Part 186: A Tempest Brews
 31:06  Urgent Mission: Tempest
Part 187: Mama's Boy and Icarus's Wing
 36:54  Missions: Mama's Boy and Icarus's Wing
Part 188: A Hard Case to Crack
 28:18  Mission: Hard Case
Part 189: Backstabber
 17:46  Mission: Backstabber
Part 190: The Enigmatic God Eater
 21:19  Mission: Anantaboga
Part 191: Cabin Fever
 30:04  Urgent Mission: Cabin Fever
Part 192: Chatterbox
 18:28  Mission: Chatterbox
Part 193: Aragami Avalanche
 19:25  Mission: Avalanche
Part 194: One God Eater Vs. A Pair of Predators
 24:03  Free Mission: A Pair of Predators (Solo Mission)
Part 195: Haze and White-Out
 32:15  Missions: Haze and White-Out
Part 196: Red River
 16:07  Mission: Red River
Part 197: Sting Ray
 26:51  Mission: Sting Ray
Part 198: Thunder and Holy Moon in the Welkin
 31:08  Missions: Thunder and Holy Moon in the Welkin
Part 199: Pilgrim 0
 17:03  Mission: Pilgrim 0
Part 200: New Moon in the Welkin
 16:18  Free Mission: New Moon in the Welkin
Part 201: Solo Ops: Live Prey and Artifacts
 40:32  Mission: Live Prey Free Mission: Artifacts
Part 202: Monochrome Melee
 13:45  Mission: Monochrome
Part 203: One On One Against The Father
 24:19  Free Mission: One On One
Part 204: Summer Gnats and Closed City
 28:43  Missions: Summer Gnats and Closed City
Part 205: Dust Trail and Black Ore
 28:07  Missions: Dust Trail and Black Ore
Part 206: The Masked Ogre and the God Eater
 28:52  Mission: Watch Out Overhead Free Mission: God Eater
Extra: Visions of Dread
 3:39  Extra: Visions of Dread (Trophy)

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