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Mortal Kombat
Apr 19, 2011
NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat 2011 - Walkthrough
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Rodriguezjr Apr 19, 2011 86 13:07:04 HD PlayStation 3 RSS
Demo Walkthrough (2011) Walkthrough (2011)
Learning the Basics Story Mode Arcade Ladder Mode
Learning the Basics
Training Mode
 12:05  It's finally here, the reboot of Mortal Kombat and I have to... 8 comments
Story Mode
Chapter 1: Johnny Cage Pt. 1/2
 11:50  Taking place right after the events of Mortal Kombat:... 9 comments
Chapter 1: Johnny Cage Pt. 2/2
 6:37  After winning his first couple of matches, Johnny decides to... 7 comments
Chapter 2: Sonya Blade Pt. 1/2
 5:41  Sonya goes to Goro's Lair where Jax is locked up, but then... 2 comments
Chapter 2: Sonya Blade Pt. 2/2
 8:22  Sonya manages to escape with Jax thanks to Raiden's help,... 7 comments
Chapter 3: Scorpion Pt. 1/2
 9:01  Scorpion enters the tournament wishing to fight against Sub... 3 comments
Chapter 3: Scorpion Pt. 2/2
 12:35  Scorpion faces off with human Cyrax and Sektor. Then faces... 2 comments
Chapter 4: Cyrax
 11:11  Now we play through Human Cyrax's part of the story. It... 3 comments
Chapter 5: Liu Kang Pt. 1/2
 13:37  Liu Kang is now the only Earthrealm warrior left in the... 1 comment
Chapter 5: Liu Kang Pt. 2/2
 8:29  Liu Kang faces off and defeats Goro and then defeats Shang...
Chapter 6: Jax Pt. 1/2
 10:37  Reuploaded as the original video was desynced halfway...
Chapter 6: Jax Pt. 2/2
 5:52  Jax defeats Jade and eventually Raiden and the crew finds...
Chapter 7: Smoke Pt. 1/2
 5:46  Kuai Liang, the youngest of the Sub-Zero brothers and Smoke...
Chapter 7: Smoke Pt. 2/2
 8:36  Shang Tsung takes the form of Bi-Hang and teamed up with...
Chapter 8: Sub-Zero Pt. 1/2
 7:45  The Lin Kieu are after Sub-Zero to turn him into a cyborg...
Chapter 8: Sub-Zero Pt. 2/2
 7:41  Sub-Zero wishes to face Scorpion, but he has to face Reptile...
Chapter 9: Kitana Pt. 1/2
 7:06  After getting yelled at her "father", Kitana wishes to be... 2 comments
Chapter 9: Kitana Pt. 2/2
 8:10  Kitana enters Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits to discover that he... 2 comments
Chapter 10: Jade Pt. 1/2
 7:26  Jade goes off in attempts to save Kitana.
Chapter 10: Jade Pt. 2/2
 5:52  Jade is surprised to see how Mileena looks like and after...
Chapter 11: Kung Lao Pt. 1/2
 11:23  Kung Lao and Liu Kang enters the tower to attempt to save... 1 comment
Chapter 11: Kung Lao Pt. 2/2
 10:59  After Kung Lao defeats Kintaro, Shao Khan kills him and Liu... 3 comments
Chapter 12: Stryker Pt. 1/2
 7:28  Now begins the MK III portions of the story.
Chapter 12: Stryker Pt. 2/2
 6:19  Raiden kills Motaro, Kabal gets burnt like hell, and Stryker...
Chapter 13: Kabal Pt. 1/2
 9:21  Kabal awakes to find himself attached to artificial...
Chapter 13: Kabal Pt. 2/2
 6:06  Kabal manages to escape from Outworld by running into a... 1 comment
Chapter 14: Cyber Sub-Zero Pt. 1/2
 11:36  After some reprograms, Sub-Zero has finally gained control... 1 comment
Chapter 14: Cyber Sub-Zero Pt. 2/2
 6:50  Cyber Sub-Zero saves the group of soldiers again from Ermac...
Chapter 15: Nightwolf Pt. 1/2
 7:48  Nightwolf fights to stop the soulnado. Then later Raiden and... 4 comments
Chapter 15: Nightwolf Pt. 2/2
 12:44  The Lin Kieu are defeated, but then Sindel comes in and... 1 comment
Chapter 16: Raiden Pt. 1/2
 8:24  Raiden goes to the Netherrealm in attempts to make a deal... 2 comments
Chapter 16: Raiden Pt. 2/2
 12:53  Liu Kang attempts to face Shao Khan again, but Raiden stops... 5 comments
Arcade Ladder Mode
Scorpion Pt. 1/3
 14:11  I playthrough the Arcade Ladder as Scorpion. Arcade Ladder... 25 comments
Scorpion Pt. 2/3
 12:02  Scorpion continues on to take down more challengers along... 16 comments
Scorpion & Credits Pt. 3/3
 11:39  Now we face Shao Khan, who can be a pain in the butt to beat... 9 comments
Sub-Zero Pt. 1/3
 12:18  Now I play as Sub-Zero. He's pretty good so far in this game... 15 comments
Sub-Zero Pt. 2/3
 13:03  So I finally manage to learn to do the stage fatalities... 7 comments
Sub-Zero Pt. 3/3
 4:39  Shao Khan is defeated and Dan Forden makes his triumphant... 13 comments
Kratos Pt. 1/3
 12:44  Exclusive to the PS3 version, Kratos from the God of War... 20 comments
Kratos Pt. 2/3
 11:31  We continue to defeat more opponents as Kratos. Also, we get... 6 comments
Kratos Pt. 3/3
 5:06  After defeating Shao Khan, Raiden and Fujin bowed to Kratos... 9 comments
Liu Kang Pt. 1/3
 12:22  Now, we play as the Shaolin Monk himself. Liu Kang is a... 16 comments
Liu Kang Pt. 2/3
 11:49  Liu Kang continues to go up the ladder. 6 comments
Liu Kang Pt. 3/3
 3:32  After Shao Khan's defeat, Liu Kang challenges and defeats... 2 comments
Kung Lao Pt. 1/3
 9:07  Now we play as the other Shaolin monk with the razor sharp... 12 comments
Kung Lao Pt. 2/3
 12:52  Kung Lao continues to go up the ladder. 2 comments
Kung Lao Pt. 3/3
 3:35  After Shao Khan's defeat, Kung Lao and Raiden visits the... 4 comments
Ermac Pt. 1/3
 12:04  Now we play as Ermac who has a lot of great anti-air... 4 comments
Ermac Pt. 2/3
 9:24  Ermac continues to do well in the tournament. Also, I... 2 comments
Ermac Pt. 3/3
 4:59  After Shao Khan's defeat, Ermac is no longer bound to him.... 2 comments
Reptile Pt. 1/3
 11:06  Now playing as Reptile. He's a bit of an odd character to... 4 comments
Reptile Pt. 2/3
 10:31  Continuing to climb the ladder as Reptile. Also, managed to... 2 comments
Reptile Pt. 3/3
 3:03  After Shao Khan's defeat, Reptile forces Shang Tsung to make...
Kitana Pt. 1/3
 11:42  Now to play as Kitana. Kitana has a lot of great launch... 1 comment
Kitana Pt. 2/3
 10:43  Kitana continues up the ladder. 2 comments
Kitana Pt. 3/3
 3:44  After Shao Khan's defeat, Kitana learned the truth about... 5 comments
Sindel Pt. 1/3
 11:31  Now we are back with more Arcade Ladder. Sindel at first, I... 2 comments
Sindel Pt. 2/3
 10:38  Continuing the ladder with Sindel. 1 comment
Sindel Pt. 3/3
 4:39  Sindel regain her senses and restores the merged realm of...
Johnny Cage Pt. 1/3
 11:27  Johnny Cage is no doubt one of the games top characters,...
Johnny Cage Pt. 2/3
 8:43  The movie star continues up the ladder.
Johnny Cage Pt. 3/3
 4:29  After Shao Khan's defeat, Johnny loses control of his body...
Nightwolf Pt. 1/3
 11:12  Nightwolf is a pretty good character for zoning out your...
Nightwolf Pt. 2/3
 11:04  The Shaman continues to climb up the ladder.
Nightwolf Pt. 3/3
 4:07  After Shao Khan's defeat, Nightwolf no longer felt the... 1 comment
Jade Pt. 1/3
 10:41  Jade is a pretty good character that has a lot of long range...
Jade Pt. 2/3
 10:42  Jade continues up the ladder. 1 comment
Jade Pt. 3/3
 3:49  After Shao Khan's defeat, Jade falls unconscious and then... 1 comment
Mileena Pt. 1/3
 11:58  Mileena is probably one of the characters that is fast and...
Mileena Pt. 2/3
 10:56  Mileena continues up the ladder. 3 comments
Mileena Pt. 3/3
 5:17  After Shao Khan's defeat, Mileena was able to absorb his...
Smoke Pt. 1/3
 12:11  Before the patches, Smoke was able to get very high damaging...
Smoke Pt. 2/3
 10:46  Smoke continues up the ladder. 1 comment
Smoke Pt. 3/3
 3:58  After defeating Shao Khan, Smoke started to remember a lot...
Noob Saibot Pt. 1/3
 12:37  Noob Saibot is mainly a character designed for zoning, but...
Noob Saibot Pt. 2/3
 12:50  Noob continues up the ladder.
Noob Saibot Pt. 3/3
 5:18  After winning the tournament, Noob had secretly formed an...
Part 78
Part 79
Part 80
Part 81
Part 82
Part 83
Part 84
 11:49  1 comment
Part 85
 10:48  1 comment
Part 86
 3:17  1 comment
This guide is not complete. It was last updated on September 2, 2011.
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