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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Oct 5, 2010
Namco Bandai Games
Ninja Theory
~7 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Ecwcwwe Dec 14, 2010 42 9:13:07 CHD18 PlayStation 3 RSS
Hard Difficulty
Part 01[HD]: Ship is going down
 8:37  Doing things a little different with this game - uploading a...
Part 02[HD]: Fried Monkey
 9:21  Very loosely based off of Journey to the West 1 comment
Part 03[HD]: The Old City
 15:30  Tear out her vocal chords?
Part 04[HD]: Butterfly chasing
 15:11  So this is the "platforming" of the game
Part 05[HD]: Mine, Mine, Mine
 15:30  Mines everywhere
Part 07[HD]: Mechilla Gorilla
 11:45  Magilla Gorilla in mech form 2 comments
Part 08[HD]: The Metal Tower
 15:17  I blame trip for not coming to that dead end 1 comment
Part 09[HD]: Gears style
 15:23  Gotta love these big guns
Part 10[HD]: Mechilla returns
 14:03  So much easier when he only has to run into a single object
Part 11[HD]: Shocker
 14:55  I ask for a challenge, and the game provides me with one
Part 12[HD]: Bambi and dogs
 15:02  I swear I saw a deer at 4:08
Part 13[HD]: Catwalks
 11:53  The game audio is really starting to mess up.
Part 15[HD]: Monkey tested steroids
 15:26  steroids fit for a Monkey
Part 16[HD]: Terrible driver
 6:47  Where did she get her license?
Part 17[HD]: Dog gone it
 13:12  I learn a more effective way to take down the dog later
Part 18[HD]: Bridge Builder
 11:44  Mark this, Mark that.
Part 19[HD]: On our own
 12:51  Finally free of her! Oh, wait, we still have the headband on...
Part 20[HD]: Finding Trip
 15:24  Time to rescue her
Part 21[HD]: Where are the Tumbleweeds
 8:43  When there is a shootout in the middle of the street, there...
Part 22[HD]: Last Stand at the Corral
 11:36  The cutscenes in this game are not getting very out of sync...
Part 23[HD]: Gettin' around
 8:45  Some much needed upgrades, and a little "platforming" around
Part 24[HD]: Around and around we go
 14:58  Where we stop, only Monkey knows
Part 25[HD]: Upgraded Doggies
 9:28  He may have an upgrade, but I have figured out a better way...
Part 26[HD]: The Wasteland
 15:27  Gross water
Part 27[HD]: Gun boat
 15:30  Rowing down the river
Part 28[HD]: Fatality
 10:35  Part of me is glad I didn't save her in time - that way I...
Part 29[HD]: Meet the Pig
 15:14  Can't believe I was slower than that tub o' lard
Part 30[HD]: Radioactive
 15:05  Homer Simpson must have hit the wrong button... Again
Part 31[HD]: I'm not the only bad shot
 11:47  Usually I complain about my own bad aim, but Pigsy sets a...
Part 32[HD]: Another shootout
 14:35  His aim is only good when it doesn't seem to matter...
Part 33[HD]: Gore, Gore, Gore
 10:49  Gore by the Rhyno
Part 34[HD]: Sub Movement
 15:30  *Rage at the glitch*
Part 35[HD]: Piggy Pinata
 14:36  Instead of being filled with candy, it's filled with...
Part 36[HD]: Grand Theft Mech
 15:03  I want one of those for myself
Part 37[HD]: Protect the cores
 15:02  The game reads my mind
Part 38[HD]: Journey to the Wild Wild West
 14:08  Will Smith's tarantula at the end of Wild Wild West has got...
Part 39[HD]: Final Chapter
 15:25  What a vast desert
Part 40[HD]: Scorpion
 12:59  Tired of that Monkey-fighting Scorpion on my Monday-to...
Part 41[HD]: End of Slavery
 13:41  Great game if you can get past the glitches and other issues
Part 42[HD]: Bonus Missing Masks
 5:43  Collecting the missing masks, as well as giving a brief...

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