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Mega Man 10
Mar 11, 2010
~2 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
MegamanSonicX Sep 17, 2010 10 1:59:23 CHD PlayStation 3 RSS
Part 1 - Cyber Electric Sheep
 13:46  What is there to talk about. Well other than Sheep Man has...
Part 2 - Fire Melts Ice Which Makes Spikes for Motorcycles
 15:00  I probably should not attempt to do 3 stages in one part.
Part 3 - Modern Weapons Beat Those of the Past
 11:49  Bombs beat swords, but swords are more epic. :D
Part 4 - Baseball With Nostalgia
 15:00  I don't know what to say in the description anymore. D:
Part 5 - A Giant Crab... Time Machine Reference?
 10:30  Don't get the title? I had to read a novel over the summer...
Part 6 - Let's Talk About Viruses and Lag
 14:47  Fortunatly, the lag was only on the screen so, no recorded...
Part 7 - Crazy Upsideness With Endless Failure
 13:50  Yay video 200! Lucky 7.
Part 8 - When the Series's Easiest Boss Becomes King Spaz
 9:03  Geez, they know how to take a boss as easy as Toad Man, and...
Part 9 - Punk It Up!
 7:10  Punk should be happy for being a test subject to see why the...
Part 10 - The Last of Megaman 10
 8:28  Yeah, so now it is done. I don't know if it is good or bad. ...

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