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Mini Ninjas
Sep 8, 2009
Eidos Interactive
Io Interactive

Mini Ninjas - Walkthrough - Hard Difficulty
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Ecwcwwe Jul 1, 2010 59 10:12:03 C PlayStation 3 RSS
Part 01: Backstory
 11:00  Nice long introduction to the game -Game Information- Mini... 1 comment
Part 02: Doors are not my friend
 10:49  Me and doors... We have never gotten along 1 comment
Part 03: Stop... Hammer time
 10:59  Follow the spirits 1 comment
Part 04: Animals hate water
 10:48  Apparently we can't touch water in our animal forms
Part 05: Finally, some real enemies
 10:55  Took quick care of 'em though
Part 06: The roof, the roof is on fire
 11:00  We don't need no water, let the Mother *bleep*er burn! 1 comment
Part 07: When animals attack
 10:43  people don't kill people... Bears do!
Part 08: Down the river
 10:52  Side areas ftw
Part 09: End of area two
 9:19  I am still curious about that damn glowing/sparkling noise... 1 comment
Part 10: Earth Castle
 10:03  Grabbing the remaining Jizo statues from area 1 and starting...
Part 11: Into the castle gates
 10:08  The "Hard" difficulty is finally starting to show itself
Part 12: Clobberin' time
 10:14  One hit kills... Ow
Part 13: Bear with me
 9:49  Also making use of the ki energy
Part 14: All the money, All the statues
 9:54  No go on rescuing all of the animals though... so sad
Part 15: Lumbering Fool Boss
 5:41  Big sword... Someone is over-compensating for something
Part 16: Great River Canyon
 10:56  Went back to grab a statue, then continuing with the real...
Part 17: Terrible observation skills
 11:00  For the rest of this level, I am unaware that I had already... 2 comments
Part 18: Lightning Storm
 10:34  Also, managed 2 levels this video. Not bad 1 comment
Part 19: A Distress Signal
 10:59  Time to start the next level
Part 20: Archer at the ready
 10:14  Shun is awesome
Part 21: Animal transormations
 8:10  New enemy type to watch out for now
Part 22: Haunted Forest
 10:59  Start of another new level
Part 23: Ghastly ghouls
 10:50  First they sap my ki, then my health. Jeez
Part 24: Killing the undead
 7:35  Also, massive fast-forwarding action to get the two missing...
Part 25: Night Castle
 10:38  Nice little underground cave
Part 26: Marching bushes
 11:00  For a few seconds, the enemies really did fall for it
Part 27: More Jumbo Samurai
 11:00  A shame they are immune to rockets 1 comment
Part 28: Team playing Wizard
 10:31  Seems that the wizard was more focused on reviving his team...
Part 29: The path is a trap
 8:05  Kudos to the game developers... A nice trap
Part 30: Windy Boss
 5:41  Well, this game is rated E, so I guess you have to expect...
Part 31: Grassy Hills
 10:56  Sonic boom... Ain't that great
Part 32: Only Shun can prevent forest fires
 10:59  Damn those evil fire-starters
Part 33: Tora - part Tiger part Wolverine
 11:00  Speedy little devil
Part 34: Flooded Valley
 10:58  Fish and rice... yummm
Part 35: Gone fishin'
 11:00  Awesome way to jet ski
Part 36: Water Castle
 10:56  So much for video-game laws stating that gold is always...
Part 37: Nightcrawler ninjas
 11:00  Instant transportation! 1 comment
Part 38: Motorboat
 10:56  Hyper-active characters
Part 39: Watery limitations
 8:23  Being unable to heal while in the boat is a major flaw 1 comment
Part 40: Timid Swimmer Boss
 10:22  Once you figure out what to do, and get passed the annoying...
Part 41: Winter Range
 10:55  This level sure is loaded with snow! waitwut?
Part 42: Kunoichi
 10:55  Nice for mobs, but not that great overall
Part 43: Finally got snow
 11:00  For a wintery level, it sure did take a while to find some...
Part 44: The skeletons hath returned
 10:35  Phoenix down!
Part 45: Snow Castle
 11:00  Not quite Nathan Drake
Part 46: Max level
 10:59  Kind of easy to obtain the max level in this game
Part 47: Archers on either side
 10:58  Ze archers are everywhere!
Part 48: Screeching Owl Boss
 11:00  Easiest boss in the game?
Part 49: Let's play SSX Tricky
 10:59  Mini Ninjas has branched into a new genre
Part 50: Volcano's Shadow
 10:52  Hmm, I wonder if there are any villagers actually inside...
Part 51: Sightseeing
 10:57  Just like that, we have found all of the tengu-shrines...
Part 52: The Big Jump
 11:00  Very short level.
Part 53: Final Approach
 10:49  Nearing the end
Part 54: Gooey waterfall
 8:17  Seriously, wtf type of waterfall is that at 6:20?
Part 56: Speedy pains
 10:55  Out of all of the enemies in the game, those speedy guys are...
Part 57: Screen doors
 11:00  Too many screens!
Part 58: Evil Warlord Boss
 11:00  Took a couple minutes to figure out what I needed to do in...
Part 59: The end
 10:56  That is the end of Mini Ninjas. It has been a blast

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