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Feb 18, 2014
Double Helix Games
~7 hours play time
Strider is a side-scrolling platform game, released recently for most major platforms. The game is considered a retelling of the 1989 arcade game Strider. The game's soundtrack features homages to classic Strider themes.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Feb 23, 2014 24 9:31:23 28 PlayStation 3 RSS
A-class Difficulty
In an alternate future, the world is held under the iron grip of the ominous Grandmaster Meio. As Special A-Class Strider Hiryu, you must infiltrate Kazakh City in the Neo-Russian region and assassinate the Grandmaster to end his reign.
Enter: Strider Hiryu
 19:21  Area: Kazakh City Outskirts Bosses: Vityaz-1, Ouroboros M...
Kazakh City
 24:42  Kazakh City Areas: Monument Square, Historical Zone, Tran...
The North Wind Rises
 24:42  Areas: Kazakh Transit, Historical Zone, Monument Square,...
The Southern Winds
 25:24  Areas: Residential District, Construction Zone Bosses: Na...
Strider Vs. Hunter
 26:30  Areas: Construction Zone, Perimeter Wall, Meio's Tower,...
Underground Warrior
 25:32  Areas: Underground Prison, Processing, Carbon Charging Area
The Trio of Winds
 25:27  Areas: Carbon Charging Area, Sewage Repurposing, Black...
Black Market Exterminator
 26:08  Areas: Black Market, Waste Trap, Central Processing Boss:...
The Gravitron Chamber
 25:25  Areas: Central Processing, Buried Temple, Magnetic Nexus,...
Mikiel the Terrible
 26:46  Areas: Prison Facility, Lower Military Zone, Meio's Tower,...
Wicked Winds of the West
 27:13  Areas: Central HQ, Research Facility Bosses: Brain Walker...
Back to the City
 21:03  Areas: Research Facility, Kazakh City, Kazakh Outskirts
Ouroboros Strikes Back
 27:51  Areas: Kazakh City, Construction Zone, Ventilation Area B...
Research Facility
 27:33  Areas: Kazakh City, Research Facility, Industry
Mad, Mad, Mad, Monkey
 26:32  Areas: Research Facility, Underground Bosses: Gravitron #...
Strider Vs. Shaman
 26:43  Areas: Underground Temple, Prison Facility, Meio's Tower,...
Cleaning Out The Base
 23:54  Areas: Research Facility, Meio's Tower, Central HQ, Kazakh...
Kazakh Sweep
 22:07  Extras Hunt: Kazakh Outskirts through Underground Temple
Lab Clean-Up
 16:28  Extra Hunt: Underground Temple to Central HQ
Battle on the Balrog
 22:02  Area: Above Kazakh, Airship Balrog Boss: Solo (ZN-2)
Meio's Tower
 20:32  Area: Meio's Tower
Strider Vs. Grandmaster
 16:35  Areas: Meio's Tower, Third Moon Bosses: Grandmaster Meio,...
Survival Mode
 23:56  Challenge Mode: Survival
Beacon Run
 18:57  Challenge Mode: Beacon Run

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