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Dragon's Crown
Aug 6, 2013

Dragons Crown - Walkthrough - Normal Difficulty
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS Backup
xXExceedEdgeXx Sep 6, 2013 67 14:56:40 HD PlayStation 3 RSS Yes
Help the Honey Buzzards [Quest]
 11:16  2 comments
Delicacy Delivery [Quest]
 13:16  The Puzzle floor in the Library, is always a good chest to...
Search and Resurrection [Quest]
 15:00  At first i was trying to do the quest called "The Owlbear...
The Owlbear Menace [Quest]
 4:57  The reason for the video being short compared to the other...
Living Fossil [Quest]
 11:26  This is a good video to show what happens if you take to...
The Final Battle / Fighter's Ending
 13:54  Everything that happens before 6:50 is the Universal Ending...
Epilogue: The Quest to Save the Goddesses
 2:07  After the ending and credits of the game this scene will...
Crush Hydeland's Enemies [Quest]
 8:49  The Adventurer's Guild has no more quest's to offer after...

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