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Bloodstained Curse of the...
"Fallen Moon's Requiem"

Finish Nightmare Mode.
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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Jun 12, 2008
Kojima Productions
~13 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Turmio Apr 28, 2009 97 15:18:05 C PlayStation 3 RSS
Normal Difficulty
#0: Explanations
 4:10  Someting I forgot to mention in the vid: I'm gonna use YT...
#1: When chickens attack
 10:58  Be afraid..Be very afraid!
#2: No place for Hideo
 10:58  I understand destroying the box, but did they have to do... 2 comments
#3: Statue of whattehell?!
 9:42  Umm.."Well that explains alot!" ^^. 1 comment
#4a: Act one briefing part 1
 7:42  Most of the cool stuff is in the next part. For example...
#4b: Act one briefing part 2
 6:33  Driving around with the Mk.2 for fun and profit :). 1 comment
#5: Stuff!
 10:59  I loooooooove stuff! Some codes for those of us who aren't ... 1 comment
#6: Darkness
 10:53  The game looks great but unfortunately you have to use the...
#7: Eye have you
 10:14  Oh really? Well your monkey wears a diaper!
#8: One man's toilet...
 10:05  ...Is anothers hiding place. Geez snake! You've really hit a...
#9: Mines
 9:58  I show off my ability shoot at a mine and miss for 30secs ... 2 comments
#10: Old friends
 10:29  "Accelerated aging..." It really doesen't show! I wonder how...
#11: Happy family?
 7:41  Not really.
#12: I want a real gun!
 9:56  Or failing that, I want to actually hit something with this...
#13: Team work
 10:31  Damn! I want those nanomachines now!
#14: Watch out below!
 10:13  Unlike in MGS2 Snake finds something soft to land on this...
#15: Grave robbing
 7:51  Well technically they haven't been buried yet... 1 comment
#16: I don't feel so good..
 9:59  Maybe those noodles had gone bad?
#17a: Act two briefing part 1
 5:10  Nobody want's Sunnys eggs :(. 1 comment
#17b: Act two briefing part 2
 7:03  Akina Minami. Not much else.
#18: Vampy is back
 9:58  I've allready shot him twice, shot down his plane and shot...
#19: Take a nap
 10:59  You've earned it.
#20: Silent but..boring?
 9:33  Shoo rats! I need a new home!
#21: Monkey business
 10:31  Half gameplay half cutscene. Just like the next vid :). Don...
#22: Hello Rose...
 10:33  How's it going *sigh*. Shes back allright!
#23: I'm so stressed!
 10:56  But atleast I got my thrusty Ipod! Thank god for product...
#24: Holy Cleavage Batman!
 9:25  Why don't women wear stuff like that where I live?
#24: Spyching up
 10:07  With boobs! Hurray!
#25: Science talk...
 8:26  But atleast the one talking is hot as hell!
#26: How do I play again?
 10:04  I kinda forgot. Damn those long cutscenes! ^^ 1 comment
#27: Slowly but surely
 10:53  The transformation from Beast to Beauty is not that hot :P....
#28: Say cheese!
 7:56  I just love that dance ^^.
#29: Long codec talk
 10:15  Ah..Reminds me how fondly I listened Raiden and Rose bicker...
0: Bad memory
 10:04  It's going to be a problem... 1 comment
1: UFO's
 10:14  After watching the video I saw It was actually the frog I... 1 comment
2: Anyone call a taxi?
 8:45  That's one cool cutscene! 1 comment
3: Zombie panic!
 8:18  Hot car(striker)chase action!
4: Guess who's back
 7:13  Gaydens back. In high heels. 1 comment
5: Duel
 9:04  Very cool cutscene. Too bad Raiden can't win. 3 comments
6: Act 3 briefing part 1
 9:34  Guess what guys! This briefing is twice as long as the other...
7: Act 3 briefing part 2
 9:55  "Let's go to europe!" Europe is such a small area that you...
8: Act 3 briefing part 3
 9:36  Otacon and Naomi? Whats next? Mei Ling and Snake? Hmm..That...
9: No smoking?
 8:29  I guess Snake doesen't really care about rules. And why is... 1 comment
: Who's following who?
 10:14  Post commentary for this part becouse I'm an idiot.
: For pee's sake!
 10:06  What's the matter with these people! Stop urinating and...
: Best disguise ever
 7:29  No really. The whistling really makes it work even better! I...
3: Put some clothes on!
 9:51  You're like 60 or something!! 1 comment
4: Short version please?
 9:32  I guess not. :P 1 comment
: Can we get going?
 6:49  Or are we just gonna sit here and chat for the next half an...
6: Biker Mama
 10:34  I'll just hide behind Eva.
: Rage!
 10:47  Oh shut up! I need to buy stuff.
8: Holy shBOOM!
 10:14  A sequel to: "I'm a idiBOOM!" 1 comment
: Raging Birdie
 10:43  She is a bird (Raven) right? And she looks like barbie (with... 1 comment
0: Brotherly love
 10:10  You can just feel it.
2: Owned!
 10:25  Snake can totally say: "I told you this would happen". 1 comment
: Act 4 mission briefing part 1
 9:42  Another mission briefing! Yay! 2 comments
: Act 4 briefing part 2
 10:04  Now with more sobbing..Get some balls raiden! 1 comment
: Old school sneaking
 9:29  And failing. But thankfully that doesen't matter. :) 1 comment
: Look! A gekko!
 10:39  That did not go according to plan. ^^
: You're the shit!
 10:05  No kidding Otacon? :P Sorry about the facecamo in the cutsc...
: Backtracking
 9:58  And a Robocop/Aliens homage.
: This is my Boomstick!
 8:44  Screw this sneaking bullshit! :D
: Tag!
 10:19  This fight is fun..With the M82A2 or the Rail Gun. Running...
: Wrath of the chipmunk
 8:12  The fight took me a while so I decided to speed things up a... 2 comments
: Third beauty
 10:15  The ladies really want to hug snake. Wonder what that's...
: Going down?
 10:35  Sorry about the long brakes between updates. I'll try to get...
: Going up?
 6:36  Elevators are fun huh?
: Vamp's ballet moves
 6:12  I guess Vamp was hoping to stick his teeth into Snake..In...
: Self destruct shootout!
 11:00  I don't know, the title just sounds funny allthough it makes...
: About damn time!
 10:17  Is he dead for real now? You sure? 1 comment
: Stomping grounds
 6:10  This fight can be won VERY quickly, but I want you to see as...
: Clash of the titans!
 6:07  Well that looked harder than it is. ^^
: Not this time...
 7:53  Got ya! That Ocelot..He's such a kidder! :D 1 comment
: Act 5 briefing
 10:56  Well there's a sight for sore eyes. ;)
: Matrix monkey
 9:15  You gotta love that monkey..Otherwise you are just stupid.
: The Naked Nuke
 10:52  And our onus...Seriously guys? Do you want us to make fun of... 1 comment
: Frog wars
 10:16  And we meet the last beast.
: Childs play
 9:21  You know..With the dolls. ^^
: The last beauty
 6:43  Or as we call them in the business "Crazy ass bitch"! 2 comments
: An old friend
 9:10  I'll show the normal sixaxis cutscene in the bonus vid. I... 2 comments
: My favorite cutscene
 8:02  It's pretty mushy...I guess I'm softie at heart. :P
: Shoot em' up
 10:19  My favorite movie is Shoot em' up btw.
: The final stretch
 10:12  Allmost there guys. Just the boss fight left...Oh yeah, and... 3 comments
: Suprise!
 10:03  First of many big plot twist that are revealed in the last 2...
: The final fight
 10:57  Or should I say the final kiss? Japanese people...*sigh* 1 comment
: Knockout
 9:13  And the end cutscenes start. Get comfortable.. It's gonna...
: Little Jack
 10:51  Oh gawd... 1 comment
: One last smoke...
 6:10  And that's it..Cya guys in my next LP! Just kidding ;)
: Drebins drunken stories
 10:57  Rat pt. 01 = patr10t Well of course! AI's would talk in l...
: For a dead man...
 10:32  ...He sure does talk alot. :P
: Going back to nothing
 10:55  And nothing ever came from nothing..Atleast that what they...
0: No more Snakes
 10:49  This game has the longest credits ever! ps: Sorry about the...
: The End
 9:47  Stay tuned for the Bonus vids. :)
Bonus 1: Bike chase massacre
 9:43  First of 4 Bonus videos. 3 will be all about shooting stuff...
Bonus 2: Stuff I missed
 10:59  Thanks to everyone who pointed stuff out! Music - Metal Gea...
Bonus 3: Advent Palace Massacre
 11:00  Now with 100% less music.
Bonus 4: Secret agent man
 9:59  Thats it. Hope you liked the LP! Music: The World Is Not E...

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