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Obtain all trophies.
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Wild Arms 3
Oct 15, 2002
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Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Schneizel May 20, 2011 14 3:18:55 CHD PlayStation 2 RSS
Part 1: Intro
 15:01  Introduction to Wild Arms 3. 3 comments
Part 2: Clive
 15:01  Take our first look at our first character, Clive.
Part 3: Gallows
 15:01  Our next character, Gallows!
Part 4: Gallows 2
 15:01  More Gallows action!
Part 5: Jet
 15:01  Next up on the list, Jet!
Part 6: Jet 2
 15:01  More Jet and him being a complete loner. Up next, Virginia!
Part 7: Virginia
 15:01  Last and maybe least, Virginia!
Part 8: Virginia 2
 15:01  Last part of our character introductions. Please watch this... 2 comments
Part 9: Meeting Point
 3:42  Climax! All characters finally meet!
Part 10: Intro (Again?)
 15:01  Another intro? I thought they would have showed this...
Part 11: Release the Guardians
 15:01  Need to release the guardians from the staffs so we get...
Part 12: Checking out Town
 15:01  Time to check town out a little.
Part 13: Getting Lost
 15:01  I am not the brightest I must say...
Part 14
This guide is currently in-progress. It was last updated on August 22, 2011.
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