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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition
Jan 24, 2006
~7 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Axel Ryman Before Time 23 8:23:17 PlayStation 2 RSS
Dante Walkthrough (2007) Vergil Walkthrough (2007)
Dante Walkthrough
Mission 1
 13:01  Now for the DMC3SE playthrough. First Dante, then Vergil. I... 2 comments
Missions 2-3
 23:24  Missions 2 and 3 of Dante's playthrough. Cause 2 missions...
Mission 4
 15:45  Mission 4. One of my favorite boss fights if you ask me.
Mission 5
 18:06  Mission 5. First battle with Jester too. And I don't like... 3 comments
Mission 6
 11:04  Mission 6. Very simple.
Mission 7
 26:36  Mission 7. First battle with Dante's brother Vergil.
Mission 8
 23:27  After being defeated by Vergil, Dante's devil powers are...
Mission 8 again
 22:31  Went back because I missed a few things Can't do that damn ...
Mission 9
 25:01  One of the best stages to farm Red Orbs easily. Nevan pwned...
Mission 10
 14:06  Now we have Nevan. Time to go do things. Yes I missed the...
Mission 11
 17:07  Time to give an old guest a return. HE IS....BEOWULF!!!! ... 6 comments
Mission 12
 22:58  The Haywire Neogenerator has activated Dante's Devil Trigger...
Mission 13
 19:04  Dante must stop Vergil before its too late. Let the 2nd...
Mission 14
 21:49  Arkham has risen the Temen-Ni-Gru and Dante must reach the...
Mission 15
 16:31  Now we've reached the middle. Time to go up even further and...
Mission 16
 24:02  Win or Lose. Now we must fight Lady.
Mission 17
 33:51  Now to face my shadow.
Secret Missions
 26:15  Now to finish the rest of the Secret Missions.
Mission 18
 32:55  Now we're in the Demon World. Time to fight old bosses again...
Mission 19
 14:41  Now to defeat Arkham! Go Dante! Go Vergil!
Mission 20
 19:57  Final Battle between Dante and Vergil. Who will come out...

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