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Dark Souls III
"Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince"

Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince...
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Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri
Oct 24, 2006
~10 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Ecwcwwe Jul 1, 2010 59 10:21:27 C PlayStation 2 RSS
Normal Difficulty
Part 1: Too...Much...Talking
 10:24  Welcome to my second new LP of the new year, Tokobot Plus:...
Part 2: Already introduced to a big player
 10:49  This game doesnt take long to introduce you to the big...
Part 3: Wtf, transformers?
 10:52  Also, we get our first death Random note: I will be calling...
Part 4: Money!
 11:00  Not much, but we are finally starting to get money!
Part 5: The power of 4?
 10:37  How many video games have had enemies take 4 hits to die?... 1 comment
Part 6: Samurai time!
 10:35  I am kind of annoyed that those two "poker chips"(gears)...
Part 7: Crane game
 11:00  Time for some puzzles
Part 8: Hordes!
 9:50  I...Hate...Those...Owls
Part 9: Respawning owls?!?
 10:38  Kill them!!!!!
Part 10: Leaser beams!
 10:58  He's chargin' his leaser
Part 11: Stop... Hammer time
 10:45  Hammer boss time
Part 12: An old friend returns
 9:48  Welcome back Scorpion Transformer
Part 13: Simon Says
 11:00  Left x 2, Right x 1
Part 14: More hordes!
 10:40  This game sure likes to send countless enemies at you... 3...
Part 15: More fake companion cubes
 10:41  One of these days it will be a real one!
Part 16: More overdrives
 11:00  Now we can use the samurai twice, win!
Part 17: More mine cart, waitwut?
 10:54  Mine carts, really?!?
Part 18: More blue rooms to come back to later
 10:42  Definitely going to have to come back later for all of these...
Part 19: More eye leasers!
 9:35  Leaser beams ftl
Part 21: The game of operation
 10:44  This chapter is a major pain when it comes to accuracy
Part 22: Tanks for the new battle-chip
 10:11  Yea, I know, bad pun for a title
Part 23: Tight security is tight
 9:59  Now, I'm usually the first to admit if I suck at a specific...
Part 24: I still hate those owls
 10:45  I swear, those owls make me too paranoid.
Part 25: Glitched hit-detection
 10:59  For whatever reason, the tank boss has a glitched hit-box,...
Part 26: A hidden path
 10:54  The back-alley also reminds me of Kingdom Hearts for some...
Part 27: Tarzan swinging
 10:37  Pin-point accuracy required
Part 28: Mechan-o-wheel
 10:57  By far the easiest transformation yet
Part 29: Miracles under the painted glass
 10:40  With half a heart, I managed to defeat that horde... Talk... 1 comment
Part 30: Freaky doll
 10:44  Ahh, childhood memories
Part 31: Time-attack and choochoos
 10:37  I think I despise time-limits more than the owls in this...
Part 32: Building hopping!
 10:34  Also, a secret treasure of an old-fashioned camera
Part 33: Tornader time!
 10:42  Kill the traitor!
Part 34: Level two samurai
 11:00  Also, I apologize for not reading the buttload of text, but...
Part 35: Pass Codes
 10:13  Backtracking for passcodes
Part 36: Return to the blue rooms
 11:00  Well, we have the skills required now, so we can finally...
Part 37: Invisible platforms
 9:59  Woah... Way to trick the player
Part 38: More heart
 10:16  Thanks to backtracking, we also fought off a previous enemy...
Part 39: Return of the Damper Rock Ruins
 10:52  And the beginning of torture for me...
Part 40: Taiji and the griffon
 10:38  Slow-going, but at least we know the tactic to beat this...
Part 41: Problematic recordings
 10:07  My sincerest apologies for this video being choppy/out of... 1 comment
Part 42: Puzzle time
 9:44  Little fast-forward action as well, to save some time
Part 43: Another blue room!
 10:51  These rooms are everywhere!
Part 44: Blue room from hell
 9:41  As if this set of videos hasn't been bad enough so far......
Part 45: Bleep bleep bleepitty bleep
 8:47  If this game wasn't rated E, I do believe I would have let...
Part 46: Curse you pin-point accuracy
 10:02  Got the final pass code in the Damper Rock ruins, so it is a...
Part 47: Easiest passcode yet
 11:00  I'll be, the video game has actually given me a break for...
Part 48: A poem, what is that?
 10:59  Ya know what, forget killing Flames... Let me kill Ruby Oh,...
Part 49: They really hide those secret rooms
 11:00  Wow, if it wasn't for a keen eye, I probably would have...
Part 50: Teleportation
 10:59  A maze of teleportations. This one is a bit tricky... It...
Part 51: Toko-jumping for marbles
 8:18  That looks like the last of the treasures (sans the blue...
Part 52: Two more treasures
 10:49  Last two treasures to get outside of the Valve Air Ruins ...
Part 53: Red light... Green light
 10:54  The terrible camera angles have followed us to the center of...
Part 54: Boss battle return
 10:55  Theeeeeeeeeeey're back
Part 55: Jump for an undisclosed distance
 11:00  Losing...all...sense...of...depth 1 comment
Part 56: Tornaders and one final secret
 10:53  Seriously, how was anyone supposed to find this last...
Part 57: Encyclopedia review
 8:48  Reviewing the encyclopedias
Part 58: Killing off Fuel... again
 10:31  Also, the final battle with Zero
Part 59:The end
 11:00  Celebration time, the game is over! 1 comment

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