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Devil May Cry
Aug 23, 2001
~4 hours play time

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Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 25 3:50:15 C PlayStation 2 RSS
Easy Difficulty
Part 1: Trying So Hard to Get A D!
 9:47  Here is where I try really hard to get a D ranking on the...
Part 2: Let's Players Discussion Part 1
 10:00  SashaSilverMoon -
Part 3: More Let's Players and Things To Check Out
 10:11  Helloween4545 - C...
Part 4: Respond to Comments
 10:10  bladerunner200's comments are responded to and we have some...
Part 5: Trish Lying, Maybe?
 10:18  I do know but unless you've played it then you don't
Part 6: Discussions about Normal Mode
 8:10  Yeah, it was bad... 1 comment
Part 7: I Don't Need to Know That!
 8:32  I really don't, Capcom. I can figure it out....
Part 8: Bugs....
 10:19  We fight bugs and don't die.
Part 9: Ifrit Appears!
 10:17  Hurray! It's a shame that I suck with this weapon though.
Part 10: My Most Hated Level!
 9:52  Gr... Mist
Part 11: More Awesome Boss Music!
 10:11  I love this boss music....
Part 12: Not a Speed Run!
 10:09  This is me at normal pace and knowing what I'm doing.
Part 13: LOTS of Orb Payment!
 10:15  Yeah... I spend a lot of Red Orbs here. 1 comment
Part 14: Nightmare Beta...
 7:38  A neat gun... but I don't use it much.
Part 15: The Sacrifice
 9:29  Wonder what it could be?
Part 16: Nightmare Appears!
 9:57  And we go back to the castle! Hurray! I also forget to point... 1 comment
Part 17: Food is Important...
 9:00  Yeah... I had to eat sorry.
Part 18: Last Nelo Angelo Fight....
 10:13  T_T... he's gone.
Part 19: Is there anyone else that's done this?
 9:26  Did I get one no one has done?
Part 20: Almost there!
 9:51  Almost to the end of the game folks...
Part 21: We Open a Really Big Door...
 7:59  Yeah... it's huge. Wonder what's behind it
Part 22: A Church?! WTF?!
 7:30  ........ I have nothing to say at this point.
Part 23: Trish... Saved Us...
 7:35  sniff I should've tried harder.
Part 24: More Cutscenes.
 6:12  I love this game...
Part 25: 3:33 Technically?
 7:14  Isn't that ironic?

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