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Oct 17, 2006
Rockstar Games
Rockstar Vancouver

Bully - Walkthrough
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS Backup
Dfvm000 Mar 11, 2013 63 6:39:19 HD PlayStation 2 RSS Yes
Main Story + Secrets at the end

Some notes:

- From Mission 1 to Mission 8 there will be an annoying shading in the video's corners.
- Secrets (rubber bands, G&G cards, goblins, etc.) will be done as soon as i complete the story
Chapter I - Making New Friends and Enemies Chapter II - Rich Kid Blues Chapter III - Love Makes the World Go Around
Chapter IV - A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body, and Other Lies Chapter V - The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15
Mission 20 - Carnival Date
 7:43  Much apologies for the slowdowns at the end!
Mission 43 - Paparazzi
 8:11  The watermark in centered because Sony Vegas decided to be a...

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