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May 7, 2004
Melbourne House
~7 hours play time
Transformers is a 2004 video game for the PS2. In the game, players take control of one of three Autobots to battle Megatron and his vast army of Decepticlones over the recently discovered Mini-Cons on Earth.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Roxas1359 Feb 10, 2013 25 6:03:03 CHD PlayStation 2 RSS
Walkthrough (2013) Walkthrough (2016)
Veteran Difficulty
Transform and Roll Out!
Episode 1: Autobots, Rollout!
 15:58  3 comments
Episode 2: So Many Data-Cons
 14:47  5 comments
Episode 3: It's An Ambush!
 14:26  2 comments
Episode 4: Heavy Unit Attack!
 13:51  2 comments
Episode 7: This Mini-Con Is Broken!
 17:07  Finally got the damn thing to work. I apologize for how many... 1 comment
Episode 8: Oh, Poor Cyclonus
 15:58  Seems I always have to rerender the episodes in order to...
Episode 9: Special Guest!
 20:12  Thanks again for Josh24214 agreeing to be a guest. I'll be...
Episode 10: We're Such Transformers Nerds
 20:58  I'm not ashamed of my Transformers nerdiness. 3 comments
Episode 20: I Got This Yo!
 15:47  Watched this episode in Standard Definition because for some...

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