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May 7, 2004
Melbourne House

Transformers - Walkthrough - Veteran Difficulty
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Roxas1359 Feb 10, 2013 25 6:03:03 CHD PlayStation 2 RSS
Transform and Roll Out!
Episode 1: Autobots, Rollout!
 15:58  3 comments
Episode 2: So Many Data-Cons
 14:47  5 comments
Episode 3: It's An Ambush!
 14:26  2 comments
Episode 4: Heavy Unit Attack!
 13:51  2 comments
Episode 7: This Mini-Con Is Broken!
 17:07  Finally got the damn thing to work. I apologize for how many... 1 comment
Episode 8: Oh, Poor Cyclonus
 15:58  Seems I always have to rerender the episodes in order to...
Episode 9: Special Guest!
 20:12  Thanks again for Josh24214 agreeing to be a guest. I'll be...
Episode 10: We're Such Transformers Nerds
 20:58  I'm not ashamed of my Transformers nerdiness. 3 comments
Episode 20: I Got This Yo!
 15:47  Watched this episode in Standard Definition because for some...

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