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Sacrifice every adventurer and...
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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
Nov 3, 2004
Insomniac Games
~11 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 May 17, 2017 57 24:43:24 PlayStation 2 RSS
After hearing that Ratchet's home world was invaded, he immediately flies back to Solana and fights off the Tyhrranoid menace. However, it is learned that an evil scientist, Dr. Nefarious, is leading them for an agenda all his own. This calls for heavier artillery, and a bigger arsenal.
Home Invasion
 29:10  Veldin and Florana
Operation Iron Shield
 28:42  Phoenix and Marcadia
The Adventures of Captain Qwark Ep. 1
 23:20  Phoenix and Marcadia
Annihilation Nation
 22:47  Annihilation Nation and Phoenix
Episode 2: Arriba Amoeba!
 20:49  Phoenix and Annihilation Nation
Aquatos Infiltration
 28:27  Aquatos
Attack on Tyhrranosis
 28:36  Phoenix, Annihilation Nation, and Tyhrranosis
Big Bad Momma Tyhrranoid!
 31:42  Tyhrranosis
A New Superweapon?
 30:32  Tyhrranosis, Phoenix, Annihilation Nation, Florana, and...
Battle on Daxx Island
 29:52  Aquatos Tyhrranosis, and Daxx
Nefarious' Project
 28:28  Daxx and Marcadia
Obani Moon Recon
 26:31  Tyhrranosis, Obani Moons, and Phoenix
Meeting Courtney
 28:34  Phoenix and Annihilation Nation
Ep. 3: Shadow of the Robot
 22:15  Phoenix and Aquatos
Operation Black Tide
 20:50  Blackwater City and Marcadia
Double Agent Clank
 27:47  Holostar Studios
Rescuing Skidd
 24:24  Holostar Studios, Annihilation Nation, and Obani Draco
Qwark's Last Hurrah
 23:24  Zeldrin Starport, Leviathan, and Phoenix
Ep. 4: Deja Q All Over Again
 27:34  Phoenix, Annihilation Nation, and Aquatos
When Robots Attack!
 29:09  Annihilation Nation and Metropolis
Retaking Metropolis
 26:54  Metropolis
Cleaning the Pipes
 24:48  Annihilation Nation and Aquatos
Remains of the Leviathan
 32:17  Crash Site
Ep. 5: The Shaming of the Q
 11:29  Phoenix
Aridia Endgame
 29:07  Aridia and Daxx
Getting the Goods
 23:04  Annihilation Nation, Aquatos, and Qwark's Hideout
The Coward Behind The Q
 24:42  Qwark's Hideout
We're Going To Need A Bigger Gun
 25:59  Phoenix, Koros, and Aquatos
You Don't Mess With Agent Clank!
 25:29  Koros and Annihilation Nation
Championship Bout II
 18:38  Annihilation Nation, Phoenix, Metropolis, Aquatos, and...
Qwark Comic Speed Run
 31:13  Phoenix
Qwarktastic Battle!
 23:27  Annihilation Nation
Invading Nefarious' Base
 17:29  Command Center
The Final Showdown!
 22:43  Command Center Ending and Credits
Challenge Mode: Veldin and Florana
 25:34  Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode: Phoenix and Marcadia
 31:00  Challenge Mode

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