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"Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince"

Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince...
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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
Nov 11, 2003
Insomniac Games
~11 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Feb 12, 2017 66 29:06:29 PlayStation 2 RSS
With their galaxy safe, Ratchet and Clank are taking it easy on Veldin. But then, they are recruited by Megacorp President Abercrombie Fizzwidget to retrieve a stolen experiment from a thief in his home galaxy of Bogon. After some intense training, the pair are ready to blast through the opposition!
Challenge Mode
Back in Action!
 28:51  After being taken aboard a ship to the Bogon Galaxy, Ratchet...
Maktar Rendezvous
 29:26  After dealing with the local Swamp Beast, Ratchet finds the...
Ratchet Hits the Jackpot
 29:34  Ratchet heads for the Jamming Array, then disables the...
Rescuing Clank
 29:50  Ratchet dominates the arena, then tests his new gadget on a...
Beatdown 4 Less
 19:42  After restoring Clank, the pair continue exploring the city....
The Desert Riders
 24:44  They head for Barlow to get into the Hoverbike Races and...
Fight Over Feltzin
 20:27  After a fierce dogfight, they intercept a transmission and...
Chainblade Battle!
 27:26  After beating the record (and the other racers), they decide...
Another Late Arrival
 26:46  After some more arena fights, and some space battles, they...
Tracking the Thief
 23:36  After exploring the plant, they find a few business bots and...
Mission Complete?
 25:21  As they chase the thief, they corner he is about...
Return to the Arena
 27:50  After giving the guru his crystals, he manages to focus his...
Testing Facility and Thug Rematch
 25:42  After arriving, he looks around the facility and gets a...
Clank and Thug Leader: Slugfest!
 19:25  Dobbo Moon Mech Battle (Skill Point for beating him with ju...
The Experiment Report
 30:11  The pair explore the testing facility and finds a machine...
Old Skool
 24:04  After a race across Feltzin, Ratchet goes Old Skool on the...
Incorrect Password. Please Try Again.
 24:16  After arriving, the password they got was apparently the...
The Joba Circuit
 27:23  When they arrive, they head for the Hoverbike Races and find...
The Megacorp Games
 28:30  After blasting through the hostile locals, the pair finds a...
The Oozla Swamp Beast
 20:17  After returning to Oozla, he uses his new boots to climb to...
Digging in Tabora
 26:59  Joba and Tabora Digging for Crystals and Raritanium Upgrad...
Going Off With A Bang
 25:50  After sweeping the desert, Ratchet goes to the weapon...
Angela's Message
 28:22  As they explore the facility, they find a message from...
Cleaning Out the Desert
 27:31  Hrugis Cloud and Tabora Gathering Bolts and Raritanium
The Boldan Affair
 27:15  They head for Boldan, and find that Thugs-4-Less put a price...
Maximum Prison Break
 26:31  After Clank's admirer breaks them out, the pair work their...
Wrench Ninja II: The Massacre
 25:09  Feltzin, Joba, and Boldan Upgrade: Kilonoid
Upgrading the Armory
 21:23  After blasting the competition at the games, Ratchet trades...
Payback Time!
 26:07  After taking down the fleet, they get a threat message from...
Ratchet And Goliath
 27:56  After blasting and weaving through enemy waves, they finally...
Megapede Battle!
 28:55  After blasting through more challenges at Joba, he finally...
Sky High Storage
 29:49  They continue their exploration and receive a galactic...
Hunt for the Platinum Bolts
 27:08  After finding a more intelligent mutant, he offers a...
The Grelbin Tundra
 25:57  They arrive at Grelbin and find a boulder blocking their...
Attack of the Killer Protopets!
 30:56  They arrive and find the city completely taken over, from...
A Warm Welcome
 30:01  After a few sweeps, he goes back to Grelbin and unlocks the...
Mining for Moonstones
 28:38  Grelbin Finding Moonstones and Raritanium
Even More Moonstones
 29:31  Grelbin More Moonstones, nuff said.
The Final Moonstones
 23:28  They get the final Moonstones as he prepares for the final...
Storming Megacorp
 28:24  Ratchet begins his assault on Megacorp HQ, using every...
That's Impossible!
 23:10  Ratchet and Clank take on the Impossible Challenge! Upgrade...
The Proto Menace
 11:02  The pair are now ready to take on the Protopet Menace! After...
Challenge Mode
New Features
 29:56  Challenge Mode Oozla New Features: Bolt Multiplier, Mega U...
For Experts Only
 27:00  Maktar Resort New Features: Extra Challenges in Battle Aren...
Big City Grind
 24:33  Megapolis
The Desert Riders
 29:14  Maktar Resort and Barlow New Features: Shortcut in Special ...
Shopping at Nodak
 17:09  Barlow, Feltzin, and Nodak
The Chemical Plant
 30:04  Nodak, Feltzin, and Maktar Arena
Convoy Chase
 23:54  Barlow, Maktar Arena, and Siberius
Digging for Crystals
 29:14  Tabora and Feltzin
Raiding the Test Facility
 29:34  Maktar Arena and Dobbo
Wrecking Crew
 27:40  Dobbo, Hrugis Cloud, and Joba
Joba Cage Match!
 29:36  Joba and Megacorp Games
Raking In The Bolts
 25:48  Barlow, Maktar Arena, Hrugis Cloud, and Tabora
Weapon Blasting!
 29:30  Todano
Getting the Carbonox Armor
 21:04  Joba, Tabora, Hrugis Cloud, and Dobbo
Capture and Release
 29:39  Boldan and Aranos
Infiltrating Thugs-4-Less
 26:42  Aranos, Gorn, Maktar Arena, and Snivelak
Attack of the Thug-Bot
 29:54  Snivelak and Smolg
Stacking Storage
 28:54  Smolg, Gorn, and Grelbin
Monsters in the Snow
 27:28  Grelbin and Joba
Constructing the Hypnomatic
 28:37  Damosel to Grelbin
Raiding Megacorp HQ
 28:34  Yeedil
That's Impossible! 2
 30:30  Yeedil and Joba
Weapon Envy
 20:26  Joba and Yeedil New Weapons: Ryno II, Clank Zapper, and Zod...
The Insomniac Museum
 28:06  The Insomniac Museum and Specials menu

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