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Spyro the Dragon
Sep 10, 1998
Insomniac Games
~5 hours play time

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Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 53 8:11:57 C PlayStation RSS
Part 1: For Sam
 9:44  This will be my side project to save my sanity when it is... 3 comments
Part 2: Random
 10:04  I talk about random things including: my first subscriber,... 1 comment
Part 3: The Death of Save Data
 8:44  I had to do it. T_T R.I.P. to my save data.
Part 4: Ugh! The Dogs and Death
 10:08  I hate the dogs! This is my first death of many in this Let...
Part 5: Damn the Safe!
 10:43  By the time you've watched this, I figured out how to open...
Part 6: Speed along to the Boss
 9:49  Ignore the help comment! I got the chest! In this episode, ... 1 comment
Part 7: Origin of the Username?
 9:41  Here I talk about a lot of things ranging from gameplay to...
Part 8: Death and Wishing for Hover...
 10:03  This video is death mania for a while before we finally...
Part 9: Talking of Eternal Darkness
 10:08  In this video, we talk about a lot but I notice I focused on...
Part 10: Missing a Guest...
 10:05  We talk about how we were supposed to have a guest but they...
Part 11: Roleplaying
 10:08  I talk about Gaia and roleplaying in this video while...
Part 12: Damned Treasure Chest Unlocked!
 10:06  We finish Cliff Town, unlock the mysterious treasure chest,...
Part 13: Uploading Discussion
 10:10  This episode we do another flight zone and I talk to about...
Part 14: Death Interupts
 10:12  Death interupts my conversations a lot.
Part 15: I'm Happy!
 10:01  I'm very happy and I pose a final fantasy question.
Part 16: Giant Termites
 10:08  Spmites will destroy us all!
Part 17: Cramps Ruin this Part
 9:41  I have cramps throughout the beginning of this part.
Part 18: Hurray the Missing Speedway!
 10:09  We figured out the missing speedway.
Part 19: Let's Play Addiction.
 8:49  I call a Let's Play Hotline and gradually think of how supid...
Part 20: Beast Makers, Bleh.
 10:15  I just now remember how much I hated Beast Makers.
Part 21: Boss Time!
 10:10  Hurray! I did it again. 1 comment
Part 22: DVD Issues
 9:57  My DVDs decide to mess with me.
Part 23: The Failure Begins.
 9:02  Just wait. For all of you who love failure here you go.
Part 24: The 10-Minute Epic Failure Video
 10:12  10 minutes of epic failure. If you don't want to see that,...
Part 25: I DID IT!
 10:15  I beat that stupid speedway.
Part 26: Electricity, electricity!
 10:13  In this episode, I sing a lot!
Part 27: Moving ON!
 9:00  Onto Misty Bog...
Part 28: It's JEFF!
 5:10  Jeff is back on Spyro the Dragon. Yea! Be happy folks
Part 29: Went for a Hot Pocket
 6:02  Yeah, I just went for a Hot Pocket... that's it.
Part 30: Did that on Purpose.
 10:15  Yeah, Jeff... it was on purpose.
Part 31: HE lies.
 10:30  Don't trust him folks.
Part 32: Still Lost...
 9:26  I manage to remain lost in part.
Part 33: There is Missing Footage Again.
 0:17  In this episode I caught the Red and Green guys and started...
Part 33.5.1: Have New Footage
 10:17  I rerecorded the missing areas for you all. Happy days for...
Part 33.5.2: Finishing up Tree Tops!
 6:37  Hurray... that nightmare is over.
Part 33.5.3: Dream Weavers Redone!
 6:25  You'll see some of this again. I'm sorry.
Part 34: Miniturization!
 10:16  Forgive the footage loss from last time.
Part 36: Titanium Bellies Can Hurt You
 10:13  Grr... Titanium Bellies
Part 39: Leaving out Failure....-
 10:13  All you missed was a lot of Epic Failure on how to beat this...
Part 39.5.1: More Recovered Footage!
 10:13  Don't you love it?
Part 39.5.2: Fun in the Canyon!
 9:02  Last of the missing footage remake.
 2:50  Last episode, I beat the boss in Dream Weavers and found out...
Part 41: I had too... MY Sanity....
 10:00  I couldn't help it. I would love to do it without that now...
Part 42: Gnasty's World At Last!
 10:09  Finally we're here!
Part 43: Blew up the Safe?
 9:27  I didn't just... I did... crap
Part 44: Let's Play Fail the Dragon!
 9:42  Sanity Loss. 1 comment
Part 45: Facing Gnasty Norc!
 9:49  We're facing Gnasty Norc with much failure.
Part 46: Gnasty Norc BEATEN!
 10:21  Don't fall off, Katrinonus! Don't fall! 1 comment
Part 47: WE CAN FLY!
 10:25  I love to fly
Part 48: IT's Over!
 7:26  I've beaten it and answer my questions people!

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