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The Legend of Dragoon
Jun 11, 2000
~31 hours play time

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Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 177 28:00:02 C PlayStation RSS
Part 1: Ignore What I Said!
 10:38  I'm not doing Set and Part because it just didn't work out... 1 comment
Part 2: Weird Battle Stuff
 9:44  Doing awesome at addition. 1 comment
Part 3: Maze!
 10:38  Also, some button mashing as well.
Part 4: WESKER!
 9:44  Man, we've made a lot of RE references.
Part 5: GOODIES!
 10:11  Dart so excitable...
Part 6: Shana is AWESOME!
 7:28  I think I made her whiney sounding.
Part 7: It's Just Me...
 10:47  I know it's terrible.
Part 8: Leveling Up Additions!
 9:28  I hope it's not annoying to you.
Part 9: Not Cutting Out Random Battles!
 10:32  I just don't see the point.
Part 10: Finish Up the Field
 9:44  Cavern is next time.
Part 11: Poor Shana...
 10:00  They're really hitting on her hard. 1 comment
Part 12: Should have used the Rock Flies.
 10:48  It's so stupid...
Part 13: Boss Too easy?
 6:19  Shana really hit hard with those items.
Part 14: Bale, The City of Well Lots.
 10:13  Hurray! I think...
Part 15: STARDUST!
 10:15  Won't be doing that sidequest completely unless I accidently...
Part 16: I Got Lost Here.
 10:23  That was the worst playthrough of this game I've ever done.
Part 17: A BOAT RIDE!
 9:29  How lovely.
Part 18: Stupid Boat...
 9:46  I hate you.... and to LAVITZ'S HOUSE!
Part 19: Leaving Bale...
 8:31  Goodbye Bale!
Part 20: And After Much Addition Grinding.....
 9:55  We're moving onward. BTW, does anyone know if I can stop a...
Part 22: A Ninja!
 7:08  Not this again...
Part 23: Mystery Chick!?
 4:13  She got wings?!
Part 24: Let's Go Get Us Some Dragon!
 9:50  Mmmm... Dragon meat.
Part 25: Marshlands and Optional Section!
 10:37  Hurray for optional section.
Part 26: Does He Have Dogs?
 10:10  No... no puppies.
Part 27: Treasure Collection.
 9:38  Takes up a whole part due to battles.
Part 29: I Didn't HIt Record...
 10:32  ...stupid me.
Part 30: I Finished the Volcano?!
 4:01  Wow.... that was amazing to me. I've never done it that fast...
Part 31: Finally Back in Business
 10:46  Sorry, for the long wait but here it guys. 1 comment
Part 32: Treasure Collection
 9:10  Boss Battle next time.
Part 33: The Dragon At Last
 9:13  Let's kick that dragon's ass.
Part 34: A Shocking Turn!
 9:23  Who could have guessed?
Part 35: Shana's Poisoned!
 8:39  Oh damn, now how am I supposed to level her up and get her...
Part 36: Free Water Bottle!
 10:39  Whoo, free!
Part 37: Ignore What is Said In This Video
 9:17  Okay, here's an explanation. I have talk to NaturalBornGame...
Part 38: Finally I Get off it.
 9:03  Thank God Me for shutting up about that half way through the...
Part 40: Maximium Healage
 10:00  It equals awesome!
Part 41: TREASURE!
 9:28  Hurray! I love it!
Part 42: Where is Shirley?
 6:18  Let's get to Lohan! Whoo hoo!
Part 43: LOHAN!
 9:25  There are two videos today because the other one was fairly...
Part 44: Old Man!
 9:10  Whoo hoo!
Part 45: The Tournament
 9:03  Here we fight to win!
Part 46: Silver Hair!?
 9:13  Oh, boy...
Part 47: Mini Game Hell!
 9:31  I hate this bit.
Part 48: More Mini Game Madness
 9:10  Dodge Things!
Part 49: KING ALBERT?!
 9:32  Don't worry! I will save you!
Part 50: Treasure Collecting!
 9:10  How wonderful!
Part 51: Lavitz FTW!
 9:07  Earth is weak against wind.
Part 52: Talking about Shana
 9:09  And advantages and disadvantages to using her.
Part 53: Finishing Up!
 10:20  Next up is the Addition Grind 1.
Part 54: Let the Grinding Begin!
 9:31  I don't know what's up with my audio at this point. BTW, I ...
Part 55: Finally!
 10:10  Flower Storm or Moon Storm whatever!
Part 56: End of the First Grind!
 4:47  There we go. It's all over until the next one that is. I ca...
Part 57: Enlisting in some VA help!
 8:42  Sasha joins in for some fun.
Part 58: Such a Great Moment.
 3:02  If not a bit sad.
part 59: All Sad Times!
 9:32  We must pursue him!
Part 60: Black Castle
 10:22  What a nice place....
Part 61: Exploring the City!
 10:20  Hurray! Not really. Just learning about what's going on.
Part 62: To End the War!
 9:59  that's the goal here.
Part 63: Albert Is Fast!
 10:08  Makes it different doing those additions again.
Part 64: Mr. Magi!
 10:13  Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Part 66: KONGOL?!
 7:51  Not this guy again.
Part 67: The Final Countdown!
 9:56  Whoo! Let's defeat Doel.
Part 68: Well....
 9:58  Now what?
Bonus Video 1: What if....
 6:59  I were to attack Shirley!
Part 69: The Platinum Shadow
 10:21  *gasp* Lloyd!
Part 70: Way Too Much Gold
 10:07  I can buy whatever I want.
Part 71: Night Time!
 10:08  Nighttime is awesome.
Part 72: Mmm, Plants
 10:06  Plants are awesome.
Part 73: NNNNOOO!
 10:08  Why? Why did you have to do it?
Part 74: Peanut Butter is Amazing!
 9:59  You should bow down to the peanut butter.
Part 75: THE MAYOR!
 10:05  And the valley of the corrupted gravity!
Part 76: MERU!
 10:05  Hurray! I love her so much
Part 77: Child's Money!
 10:07  I'm so rich.
Part 78: Sasha is the King!
 10:24  She's awesome at it.
Part 79: Pronounciation!
 10:09  Numerous questions.
Part 83: To the Epic Virage!
 10:05  It's a full one!
Part 84: The Gehrich Gang!
 10:09  It's sooo close.
Part 85: Haschel Punch!
 10:09  I'm so lame.
Part 86: Meet Kongol!
 10:03  He's so strong.
Part 87: Emille!
 10:15  A fake?!
Part 88: Back through the Valley!
 10:21  And the Barrens.
Bonus 2: A Missed Scene!
 4:23  Isn't it a pretty wedding?
Part 89: Dilophasaurus!
 10:05  Hurrah!
Part 90: Metal Gear?!
 6:15  Sneak Dart, sneak!
Part 92: Take That, Lenus!
 10:26  You are normally not so easy.
Part 93: Silly MP Recovery
 10:04  I hate that.
Part 94: Movement!
 10:06  Hurray!
Part 95: We'll be Shana!
 10:23  Hurrah! I'm Shana!
Part 96: Have You Seen...?
 10:03  The big run around.
Part 97: More Running Around!
 10:04  Hopefully, we'll be done next time.
Part 98: We're Still not done.
 10:57  Getting close.
Part 99: Running with Meru.
 10:57  We're so close!
Part 100: It's a Phantom Ship!
 10:40  It's not corporal, not to worry.
Part 101: Come on, Albert!
 10:05  More strange words. NOTE ON FANDUB: In order to do a fandub... 1 comment
Part 102: Madness Heeerrrrroooo!
 10:19  Strange Dart.
Part 103: KILL THEM!
 10:05  With Light!
Part 104: Whoot! No Death!
 10:06  Shana....
Part 105: Time for a Boss!
 10:09  Grr... Ghosties
Part 106: End of the Ghosts!
 8:19  Die... Again Ghosts.
Part 107: Rose and Dart!
 4:35  Sasha talking a lot.
Part 108: Action!
 10:04  Keep going Sasha.
Part 109: Mastering Additions.
 10:06  It's a slow fight.
Part 110: Albert Changes Religions!
 6:16  Now, he follows the Tiberoans. Hm, probably Emille's fault.
Part 111: How to Level Up Dragoon Spirits!
 10:14  I never knew this.
Part 112: Come on Sasha!
 10:23  Keep going.
Part 113: You Are Mine.
 10:09  And I own you, Mr. Water Dragon.
Part 114: Meru's A Dragoon YAY!!
 10:29  This is awesome.
Part 116: More Grinding Information
 6:23  Skip this if you like.
Part 117: End of the Grind!
 9:04  Hurray! We're done.
Part 118: The Last Dragoon Spirit!
 10:43  Awesome sauce.
Part 119: A Party!
 10:36  Yes!
Part 120: Finding Everyone!
 10:01  Let's see what everyone is up to!
Part 121: End of Disc 2!
 6:25  Dart, you sly dog.
Part 122: Disc 3 Begins
 10:54  Poor past me's throat
Part 123: Ah, Love!
 10:10  It's sweet.
Part 124: Timer Ruins It!
 6:34  As always.
Part 125: Going Over Equipment!
 9:48  And getting into the forest!
Part 126: Completion!
 9:55  More talking
Part 127: Kamuy!
 10:10  Aw, look at the puppy.
128: Checking Additions
 9:32  General talking
Part 129: Lore!
 9:28  A tree?
Part 130: I Got A Sasha!
 9:41  And I'm on caffienne!
Part 131: Black Monster?!
 10:05  It comes up again!
Part 132: Meru's Home
 9:59  What a warm welcome?
Part 134: To FIght the Divine Dragon
 10:05  Our new goal.
Part 135: Nooooooo!
 10:06  Not this....
Part 136: I hate you...
 10:06  You are stupid, Miranda.
Part 137: Welcome to the Forest
 10:12  Of Winglies.
Part 138: Aw, Cute...
 9:16  Meru and Guaraha
Part 139: To the Ancestor!
 10:04  And a new dungeon
Part 140: Oh God!
 10:06  The coliseum
Part 141: Welcome to the Easiest Boss Ever!
 9:46  Just trust me easy.
Part 143: Time to Show off Everything!
 10:31  This will take a long time
Part 144: The Showing Off Continues.
 10:20  This is epicly long guys. Epicly so.
Part 145: Don't Worry
 10:08  After this... no more grinding? No more showing off stuff....
Part 147: Haschel and Albert
 10:55  Come on, boys.
Part 148: Will This Ever End?
 6:10  We're getting close.
Part 149: Next Part...
 7:31  We finish this
Part 150: We're Done
 10:12  Hurrah! Now to story again.
Part 151: The Alternate Path
 10:06  Without Viragie goodness
Part 152: A Boss!
 9:44  He's pathetic compared to our party of awesome.
Part 153: Back to Tension!
 9:47  Damn it, randomness
Part 154: The Aftermath
 9:46  Poor Shana
Part 155: Let's Get That Dragon!
 10:57  Grrrrrr.... stupid dragon
Part 156: Lloyd?!
 10:58  What are you doing here?
Part 157: Oh fudge!
 10:08  Lloyd has a dragoon spirit
Part 158: Flashback Again?
 10:17  We've seen it fifty times already game.
Part 159: Lloyd!!!!
 9:59  Damn, you!
Part 160: Going on into the Glacier!
 10:37  I love this place. I love it sooooo much.
Part 161: To Fight the Boss
 10:26  It is a boss of strangely oddness.
Part 162: Into the Wingly Tower of Doooom!
 10:15  Teleportiness Abounds.
Part 163: It is Lloyd Still!
 10:06  Doing this the non-cheap way.
Part 164: Now, Can I Has Lloyd?
 10:06  Of course not.
Part 165: Sidequest Time!
 10:05  This is one of three major sidequests.
Part 166: Dart's Ultimate Weapon!
 8:47  And no Experience for Miranda!
Part 167: To Vellweb
 10:59  Along with getting some extra treasure.
Part 169: Shana! And WHAT?!
 9:42  We found you! And.... huh?
Part 170: Well, that's Disc 3
 5:37  So many twists! Ahhhh!
Part 171: The Desert.
 10:33  I LOVE deserts. Really, I do. (No I don't.)
Part 172: It's A Maze
 10:43  Of annoying desert land
Part 173: Learning Things
 10:12  Signet Spheres and Zieggy's plans.
Part 174: Back to the Home of Gigantos
 10:54  So we can return to Fletz for a boat!
Part 175: Back through the Valley!
 8:37  And the other places we had to travel to in Disc 2.

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