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Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Oct 23, 2000
Insomniac Games
~10 hours play time

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Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 96 14:41:43 C PlayStation RSS
Part 1: Taking a Poll...
 10:43  ... please give me some feedback. 3 comments
Part 2: Contest?
 10:12  Any ideas?
Part 3: Chicken Dance!
 10:11  It's a chicken egg.
Part 5: Failing at Skate Boarding.
 10:46  God, I suck at this skateboarding thing.
Part 6: Collecting Treasure and Moving On!
 10:15  I find it all in this level and we move on.
Part 7: Why is the Sorceress a Dragon?
 10:01  I wonder why that is. 1 comment
Part 8: Racing Butterflies!
 9:29  I fail at this terribly.
Part 9: Speedway Complete!
 10:19  I love these speedways.
Part 10: Buzzing Noise!
 10:25  I have no idea how that got that on there. I also respond t...
Part 11: Vincent!
 10:11  Buzzing noise is still there. It will clear up I promise.
Part 12: Owning Up!
 10:11  It's awesome.
Part 13: Color problem.
 10:06  Bluish-purple, blue, and purple I get them confused.
Part 14: Secret Cave...
 10:07  I get lost on this one.
Part 15: Big, Bad, and Used to be Fluffy!
 10:11  I got it and we go to the first Sparx world.
Part 16: Sparx World... Insane...
 7:20  Good lord. That was crazy.
Part 17: Here's What I'm Going to Do!
 10:19  What do you guys think?
Part 18: Please Watch Bloody Roar!
 7:12  I need your input on some things.
Part 19: Poor People! (Contest Over!)
 6:03  I'm back... 1 comment
Part 20: Na na na na na na... BATMAN!
 5:13  More bigdonkey14 questions.
Part 21: Smurfs Turn Yellow?
 7:24  Really? That makes no sense.
Part 22: Thinking of Genres...
 6:42  ... and making up some.
Part 23: More Categories...
 9:32  Thanks to an egg!
Part 24: EVIL BUNNY?!
 10:08  LOOK OUT! Flame it! Flame it!
Part 25: Eternal Darkness...
 10:12  ... 9 point spells.
Part 26: Skateboarding Maddness.
 10:39  I'm terrible at this.
Part 27: Hurray! Skill Point!
 9:13  Done for the day.
Part 29: These Pigs Are Good!
 10:11  Who knew pigs could fly planes so well?
Part 30: PANDAS and Agressive Negotiations!
 10:18  Hurray Pandas! They're so cute...
Part 31: Worst Mini-Game Ever!
 10:21  Stupid pandas...
Part 32: Rusty is the Worst Egg Ever!
 7:02  The Contest Begins.
Part 33: Sports... um...
 5:36  So, here it is.
Part 34: Contest Winners!
 10:31  PM me about prizes. Winners: thewhulk unholy110 SilvarusLu...
Part 36: More Boss Failure....
 10:15  Man, this guy is tough.
Part 37:AH, SPIDERS!
 7:17  Poor arachniphobics....
Part 39: Backtracking... fun!
Part 40: And More Backtracking!
 6:33  Will it ever end?
Part 41: Sgt. Byrd Time?
 6:46  No wonder his theme music is here.
Part 42: BONE DANCE!
 10:28  Coolness. We also finish Enchanted Towers.
Part 43: Free Yeti!
 10:45  Moneybags.... I hate you...
Part 44: BAM BAM!
 10:29  I love the yeti!
Part 45: We Do A Speedway?
 10:41  Look how well I was doing...
Part 46: Freeze BREATH!
 9:33  That's just awesome. Don't forget the contest!
Part 47: You People that Send Me PMS....
 10:23  ... about this Let's Play.
Part 48: CAT HOCKEY!
 7:51  Worst sport in existence.
Part 50: I DID IT!
 10:32  Hurray...
Part 51:I Love My PS1 Controller!
 10:07  It's loose analog stick and all.
Part 52: Failing at Simple Rynoc Killing!
 10:10  And finishing up the wierd dream talk.
Part 53: Comitting Murder....
 6:20  ... Against My Own Kind.
Part 54: Lost Fleet... Boo!
 5:22  It's terrible.
Part 55: NOOOOOOOO... Subs!
 10:11  Evil evil sub nightmare.
Part 56: Evil Minigame Complete!
 6:49  We can finally move onto finishing this level.
 6:12  Hurray Lost Fleet Complete! However, contest may be delayed...
Part 59: Phantom of CAPCOM!
 10:14  Just shut up about it Katrinonus
Part 60: The Byrd's Girlfriend.
 10:37  Stupid.... cat witches.
Part 61: The Beans. Oh, the Magic Beans.
 10:24  Jack you're supposed to do it yourself.
 10:27  Winners Of the Contest: buzzbya tealgamemaster 301davo dako...
Part 63: Teh Boss!
 10:29  Amazing... I made it.
Part 64: Didn't Die!
 10:58  I didn't die on a boss! Hurray!
Part 65: Obtaining a Crazy Monkey.
 9:38  He was expensive too.
Part 66: Near Death.
 10:34  I almost got a game over in this section.
Part 69: I Get Aiden and Go to Sleep!
 4:01  Yay! Sleep. Although you wouldn't know it because I just...
Part 70: Katrinonus Goes Into English Accent!
 7:35  Oh, noez! Now what? Will her normal voice return?
Part 71: More English Fun!
 4:18  It doesn't end here. I hope I haven't insulted anyone. I was...
Part 73: Crazy Starfish!
 10:29  They just don't stop!
Part 74:Concentration!
 10:09  Come on Kat. You can do it!
Part 75: And the Flying Sheepies End Here...
 10:59  Bye bye... Sheepies.
Part 76: I'm Tired!
 10:35  All from Tire Changing.
Part 77: Whack a Mole, Not a Gnome!
 8:31  Grr... I hate this minigame.
Part 78: A Flying Nanananana!
 10:12  Like in Spyro 1?
Part 79: Tara?
 10:03  No, I'll call you Lara Croft.
Part 80: Another Disc Died.
 10:05  Now we're down to my last disc. I hope I get new recording...
Part 81: Haunted Tomb?! What do I do here?
 10:21  Golems... I forgot how to kill them.
Part 83: The Five Trials.
 7:05  Will I pass? I think I will.
Part 86: Spyro and I Have a Disscusion
 10:05  Stupid Fail the Dragon. And then I come against my worst fo...
Part 87: I Hate FPS!
 8:29  I Hate FPS! I Hate FPS! I Hate FPS! I Hate FPS! I Hate FPS!...
Part 88: Can I Do It?
 10:18  Yes, I can!
Part 89: The Sorceress is Defeated!
 10:05  At last, at last.
Part 90: The Final Sparx World!
 10:28  Thank God! The game is almost over!
Part 91: Revenge On Moneybags!
 10:29  Best egg in the whole game!
Part 92: The Subs.... Again?!
 10:08  I hate these subs.
Part 93: Oh, My God!
 10:06  This race is terribly hard!
Part 94: We Beat It!
 10:05  Hurray!
Part 95: She's Back!
 10:13  We can never escape her. Or can we?
Part 96: The End.
 10:58  Don't forget to vote happy or sad for Threads of Fate!

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