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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Oct 31, 1997
Naughty Dog
~4 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Apr 4, 2014 21 7:38:50 PlayStation RSS
Crash is somehow summoned by his old nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex the world? By gathering crystals, has Cortex really turned over a new leaf? Or is it merely a ruse for another diabolical scheme?
Crystal Clear
 19:49  Intro and Warp Room 1 Turtle Woods, Snow Go, Hang Eight
Mad Doctor Roo
 21:43  Warp Room 1 The Pits, Crash Dash Boss Fight: Ripper Ro... 1 comment
Polar Express
 24:04  Warp Room 2 Snow Crash, Air Crash, Bear It 1 comment
Komodo Bros.
 19:46  Warp Room 2 Crash Crush, The Eel Deal Boss Fight: Komo...
Crazy Crash Dash
 27:24  Warp Room 3 Plant Food, Sewer or Later, Bear Down, Road t... 1 comment
A "Tiny" Problem
 23:03  Warp Room 3 Un-Bearable Boss Fight: Tiny Turtle Woo...
Hangin' Out
 17:58  Warp Room 4 Hangin' Out, Diggin' It
Nature's Death Course
 27:41  Warp Room 4 Cold Hard Crash, Ruination, Bee-Having
N. Gin Problems
 22:29  Warp Room 5 Boss Fight: N. Gin Piston It Away, Rock It
Space Station Cortex
 25:18  Warp Room 5 Night Fight, Pack Attack, Spaced Out
Cortex Crashed
 3:58  Boss Fight: N. Cortex Credits
Gem Hunting pt. 1
 22:49  Gem Hunting Air Crash (Secret Entrance to Warp Room 6 aka...
Gem Hunting pt. 2
 19:34  Gem Hunt Snow Biz, Air Crash, Bear Down Secret Passage...
Gem Hunting pt. 3
 25:41  Air Crash (Secret Path) Air Crash, The Eel Deal, Plant Fo...
Gem Hunting pt. 4
 22:10  Gem Hunt Road to Ruin, Diggin' It Secret Passage: Digg...
Gem Hunting pt. 5
 22:26  Gem Hunt Un-Bearable, Hangin' Out
Gem Hunting pt. 6
 28:25  Gem Hunt Diggin' It, Cold Hard Crash
Gem Hunting pt. 7
 24:39  Gem Hunt Cold Hard Crash, Ruination, Bee-Having Bee-Ha...
Gem Hunting pt. 8
 23:12  Gem Hunt Piston It Away, Spaced Out
Gem Hunting pt. 9
 25:40  Gem Hunt Night Fight, Un-Bearable, Totally Bear, Hangin' ...
N. Brio's Blaster
 11:01  Gem Hunt and Secret Ending Totally Fly

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