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"Dungeon Vaulter"

Use the shortcut in Cortex...
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Oct 1, 1998
SCE Cambridge
~5 hours play time
Re-live the original adventure on PlayStation 4. The beloved fan-favorite has been completely remade from the grave up, blending classic gameplay with stunning visuals, all in eye-popping native 4K!

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
FSLAR Apr 4, 2009 23 3:26:22 PlayStation RSS
Intro and Dan's Crypt
 7:17  LOLOLOL NO PRINCE OF PERSIA 4 U! ...well yet. Yeah I'm... 2 comments
The Graveyard
 6:59  title 1 comment
Cemetery Hill
 6:46  title
The Hilltop Mausoleum
 10:06  title.
Return to the Graveyard
 9:40  title. I can't believe I almost forgot the chalice o.o
The Ant Caves
 10:51  my most hated level...the fact that I just had to cut out me...
Scarecrow Fields
 10:50  lol, not much cut out and nothing sped up...
Pumpkin Gorge
 10:17  I never did like pumpkins...
The Pumpkin Serpent
 6:54  I still dont like pumpkins. Or their witches.
The Sleeping Village
 9:41  one of my favorite levels and music... ... but gargoyle dude...
The Asylum Grounds
 10:37  Lol no speed up this time only some small cut out stuff
Inside the Asylum
The Enchanted Earth
 10:23  I think releasing the demons was a bad idea......
Pools of the Ancient Dead
 11:00  slow dan is slow. I cut out a lot to get this under 11...
The Lake
 10:23  slow dan is still slow. Why? Because he doesnt want to drown...
The Crystal Caves
 9:45  perhaps the most beautiful music in the game...I think this...
The Gallows Gauntlet
 6:19  one of the few levels where I don't die...I redid this level...
The Haunted Ruins
 10:13  had to re-do this level...dont entirely like how this came...
The Ghost Ship
The Entrance Hall
 4:41  Why is this even a level? No seriously why? There's nothing...
The Time Device
 10:18  last level. With lots of crap cut out. my deaths in here...
Zarok's Lair
 9:16  the final showdown...
Ending and Credits
 5:42  and I finish the game for the 3rd time...not sure about...

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