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Bloodstained Curse of the...
"Emperor of Darkness"

Sacrifice every adventurer and...
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Alone in the Dark 2
Sep 25, 1994
~2 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
POLE Before Time 21 1:46:36 Computer RSS
Part 1 - Intro
 6:37  Now, here's what you've been waiting for so long (drum roll)...
Part 2 - Maze
 6:37  One of the part that can easily frustrate you if you don't...
Part 3 - Shorty Leg
 5:56  Time to face our first "boss", Shorty Leg.
Part 4 - Tunnels
 3:05  Underground passageways, a classic. And, an unconventional ...
Part 5 - Music Man
 4:50  One of the most goofy members of Jack's crew. I really can't...
Part 6 - Shooting Gallery
 6:23  It's quite rare to see bandits doing actual target practise,...
Part 7 - Encounter with T.Bone
 2:42  Dodging something and a frying pan duel.
Part 8 - Encounter with Black Hat
 2:46  Opening doors with wine, finding some equipment and fighting...
Part 9 - Duel with DeWitt
 8:44  Having a gun duel and learning a LOT of things about the...
Part 10 - A fight with Bubble Blade
 3:58  Encountering Jack's second lieutenant.
Part 11 - Meeting with One Eye Jack
 7:21  Jack finally tells his tale.
Part 12 - Metal Gear Grace
 7:05  A little bit of sneaking with Grace and some backstory about...
Part 13 - Sneaking on the ship
 3:09  Sneaking around the ship while everyone is feasting (and...
Part 14 - Grace McCallister
 2:41  Playing pranks to pirates
Part 15 - Return in the mansion
 6:20  Returning in the mansion to find the key needed to free...
Part 16 - Revenge
 3:31  Now that Carnby's free, time to get revenge on those bloody...
Part 17 - Old Nemesises
 7:35  Meeting old pals from the mansion and learning some...
Part 18 - Ye Olde Canon
 4:49  Old artillery at their finest
Part 19 - Dealing with the witch
 3:15  Finishing Elisabeth Jarret and T-Bone for good.
Part 20 - Music man's encore
 2:09  Dealing with Music man and the look boys
Part 21 - Duel with Jack and Ending
 7:03  Here's the ending you've been waiting for more than a year....

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