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Mafia II
Aug 24, 2010
2K Czech
~10 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
nosferatoon Sep 23, 2010 39 9:13:45 CHD5 Computer RSS
Hard Difficulty
Part 1 - Operation Husky
 15:00  Hey guys here is our newest walkthrough, Mafia 2. Played on... 1 comment
Part 2 - The Average Joe
 15:00  Here we meet our buddy Joe and check in with our dear old... 3 comments
Part 3 - Carnapper
 15:00  Time to steal us a car then go steal Mike Bruski a car.
Part 4 - Bar Beatdown
 15:00  Looks like the Bombers aren't to happy about us taking there...
Part 5 - Warehouse Woes
 14:26  Time to do a few jobs for Derek, the man who used to shake...
Part 6 - The Professional
 14:26  Time to grab those stamps and we do it the Professional way...
Part 7 - Post Man
 14:26  Time to deliver those ration stamps all in record time!
Part 8 - Luck of the Irish
 11:42  We meet our favourite Mick, O'Neil and attempt to rob a...
Part 9 - Harry the Vet
 15:00  Time to pick up my MG-42 Baby to take out a guy for Henry...
Part 10 - R.I.P Fat F**K
 15:00  Now that the Fat F**K has been taken care of we need to get...
Part 11 - Dropping the Soap
 15:00  Now we are in the Slammer for 10 years, that's just great...
Part 12 - Mick Masher
 15:00  Time to take out that Bastard O'Neil once and for all
Part 13 - Free Bird
 14:26  Now we are out of Jail, Cars are nicer and its sunny. Good...
Part 14 - One Crazy Night Out
 14:26  Time to go out with our buddy Joe and Eddie for one night to...
Part 15 - Fire Sale
 14:26  Time to sell some cheap cigarettes, and of course nothing is...
Part 16 - Greaser Grinder
 11:42  Time to take out those dicks and pay back Eddie the money we...
Part 17 - A Garand Time
 15:00  Weird how a bunch of teenagers have grenades and an M1...
Part 18 - Exotic Exports
 15:00  Time to sell the dragster to Derek to reclaim our cash.
Part 19 - Falcone's Fury
 15:00  Time to rescue some guys kidnapped by Clemente and fuck over...
Part 20 - Butchering Butchers
 12:03  Time to get rid of all these guys and kill Brasi. You dont...
Part 21 - A Man Made
 13:03  Time for me and Joe to get made. And life is looking good...
Part 22 - Upstairs Cleaning
 15:00  time to do a little job, surely bringing Marty along is...
Part 23 - Rooftop Madness
 15:00  time to blow this place the fuck up.
Part 24 - Now it's Done.
 15:00  Damnit, told you they would kill Marty. Ah well looks like...
Part 25 - An Old Friend.
 15:00  Time to get a visit from an old "friend" Henry Tomasino......
Part 26 - Wife Beater
 15:00  Time to sort out that bastard who's been hitting my sister.
Part 27 - Square One
 9:57  Now that we have lost our lovely house and all our cash we...
Part 28 - Joe's Pink Palace
 8:45  Time to crash out at Marty's pad which is where I will be...
Part 29 - Enter the Dragon
 14:54  Henry wants to bring us in on a deal, why not? its not like...
Part 30 - Double Cross
 14:54  Well time to escape the factory after getting fucked over.
Part 31 - Slay the Dragon
 14:54  With Henry uberly fucked up its time to take out Mr Wong, a...
Part 32 - Yellow Brains
 14:54  Time to splat his yellow brains all over the wall!
Part 33 - Charity Work
 14:54  Time to regain our lost cash, making 55k in a day shouldn't... 1 comment
Part 34 - Dirty Derek
 14:54  Derek killed our old man? Now its time to fuck him up!
Part 35 - Retirement Fund
 14:54  Now we have found all the cash in Derek's safe we can go and... 2 comments
Part 36 - Vinci Vendetta
 14:54  Seems Frank Vinci is pissed off with us, I wonder why...
Part 37 - Feeding the Shark
 14:54  Time to pay back Bruno his money, at least one problem is...
Part 39 - Betrayal and Fail
 10:57  Ok guys, thats it game over. A really crap ending but an...
Part 38 - Return of the Old Man
 14:54  Time to see what Leo has to say, and put things right.

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