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Call of Duty Black Ops II
"The Lights Of Their Eyes"

In Green Run, pacify at least...
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Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead
Nov 11, 2002
Electronic Arts
Dreamworks Games
~2 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
EvilGamerPT Aug 20, 2010 13 1:48:09 HD Computer RSS
Easy Difficulty
Mission 1 - Briefing
 1:42  Briefing of the first mission.
Mission 1 - Hello France
 6:10  France is destroyed. I have to kill the Nazis and i have to...
Mission 1 - Destroying Artillery Emplacements
 10:59  Killing the Nazis and destroying the artillery.
Mission 1 - Destroying the Bridge
 12:04  I love the part that i destroy the bridge and the train.
Mission 2 - Briefing
 1:05  Briefing of the mission 2.
Mission 2 - Destroying Nebelwerfers
 10:42  This mission is easy with a medic. 1 comment
Mission 2 - Escorting The Supply Truck
 5:30  This level is a little bit difficult because you lost very...
Mission 2 - Defending The Flanks
 9:05  This level is difficult, because they are more than us. 1 comment
Mission 2 - A Quiet Little Town
 12:17  Finishing the second mission.
Mission 3 - Briefing
 0:55  Briefing of the third mission.
Mission 3 - Welcome To Berlin
 14:37  I am a Russian now. Cool.
Mission 3 - The T-34 Tank
 13:07  Cool, i am driving a tank and i finish the game.
Mission 3 - Ending + Credits
 9:56  See you on the next walkthrough.

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