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Horizon Zero Dawn
"Ended the war machine threat"

Ended the threat of the...
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Far Cry
Mar 23, 2004
~8 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Maceman Before Time 63 5:57:27 Computer RSS
Realistic Difficulty
 1:52  2 comments
Level 02 "Carrier" - Trapped
 3:11  1 comment
Level 04 "Pier" - Hang Gliding
 2:49  3 comments
Level 08 "Steam" - Using Night Vision
 7:59  By default, T is the button to activate night vision.
Level 09 "Regulator" - Outside
 9:10  Ohhh thank you night vision. 1 comment
Level 09 "Regulator" - The Dropships
 3:21  This part is hard! Even if you're good, it's still hard. ...
Level 13 "Cooler" - "I'm not even getting paid for this crap!"
 10:10  I just had to quote Jack from the ending cutscene in this...
Level 17 "Swamp" - Steal the Car
 4:25  This can be hard because if Val dies, so do you. And... she...
Level 17 "Swamp" - The Ride + Take the Camp
 6:44  On the car switch to the rocket launcher by pressing X. Use...
Level 18 "Factory" - Moving In
 10:03  1 comment

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