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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
Feb 2, 2010
Viva Media
GSC Game World
~14 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
tez710 Mar 11, 2010 69 11:10:59 CHD Computer RSS
Normal Difficulty
A Quick Overview [1/2]
 8:11  A quick insight into some of the new and old aspects of Call... 11 comments
Quick Overview [2/2]
 8:10  A quick insight into some of the new and old aspects of Call... 12 comments
Bandit Ambush
 7:55  Just as im robbing a STALKER that i had just killed, a... 4 comments
 10:09  We make our way to the first of many STALKER hideouts,... 3 comments
Artifact Hunting with Snork
 10:08  On our way to do a little side quest, i run into an annomoly... 7 comments
Snork Nest and Rewards
 10:27  We have taken the box from the car deep in the earth, now we... 10 comments
Stingray 5 Crash Site
 9:13  We finlly head out to the first crash site, where it has... 9 comments
Stingray 2 Crash Site
 8:59  As we head into the second crash site, we meet a rather... 12 comments
Stingray 3 Crash Site
 9:01  6 comments
Teasing Snorks and Night Time Haunts
 10:01  We head out ot he first extraction point, which just so... 1 comment
Sneaking into a Merc Base
 9:05  We need money, badly, if we are going to afford better gear... 8 comments
How To Not Succed at Night Ops
 9:32  This was supposed to be easy, if we were quiet, but... 4 comments
The Shadow of the Night
 10:16  After a rather abominal first attempt, i make use of the... 9 comments
King of the Ring (Zone)
 6:35  So, we came out on top and the spoils of war are ours for... 1 comment
A Look into Mods
 7:05  Before we continue, i have a quick chatter with Cardan and... 3 comments
 10:57  So we head off to get the simple tools for our tier 1 mods,... 1 comment
Mods tier 1
 9:56  Tools successfully aquired, we head back to Carden to get... 4 comments
Second Tools and Money Making
 10:33  We get trapped in by an emission, the artifact was guarded... 7 comments
Tier 2 Mods
 10:38  The toold retrived, the mecs get pissy with us, but no...
Artifact gathering for Beard
 10:56  We take a glance at the sort of side missions that Beard... 6 comments
Detective Gunbunny part 1/5
 10:27  2 comments
Detective Gunbunny part 2/5
 10:26  Someone or something has been killing STALKERS in the area,...
Detective Gunbunny part 3/5
 10:48  Someone or something has been killing STALKERS in the area,...
Detective Gunbunny part 4/5
 10:51  Someone or something has been killing STALKERS in the area,... 6 comments
Detective Gunbunny part 5/5
 10:47  Someone or something has been killing STALKERS in the area,... 3 comments
The Chimera and Yanov
 11:00  After dispatching a rather timid Chimera, we move our...
Extraction Point B205
 10:16  5 comments
Rough Tools and the Bunker
 10:42  With the extraction point done, we find out that one of the...
Stingray 1 Crash Site
 7:56  4 comments
Nitro's Radio Components [1/2]
 10:23  We have retrived the black box from stingray 1, luckly,... 3 comments
Nitro's Radio Components [2/2]
 10:10  The concluding part to retriving the radio components and i... 3 comments
Dogs, Bandits and Snorks
 7:32  We head south to the Jupiter plant to retrive the fine tools... 2 comments
Fine Tools
 8:40  So, we dont have time to look at the crash site, because i... 1 comment
Stingray 1 Crash SIte
 9:23  We head out to the final crash site, located in the middle...
Return to Yanov
 10:26  We take nearly 10 mins to waltz back to yanov 2 comments
 10:30  We head out to help vanos with his debt problem, only... 7 comments
The Negotiator
 10:10  We head out to another bandit camp and part with 20k of our... 11 comments
The Oasis
 10:19  We head out to find the Oasis artifact for the scientists,... 1 comment
Gathering Information
 10:54  We head back into the Jupiter factory to gather information... 2 comments
Getting to Pripyat
 10:43  Now that we are able to get the underground passage open, we... 4 comments
The First Recruit
 9:28  we head out in preperation for the tunnels below Jupiter,...
The Seva Suit
 10:08  In order to get the Monolith guy, we need to work for the... 2 comments
Scientific Research
 10:30  We head out and put our life on the line, all in the name of... 9 comments
Anomoly Antics
 10:00  Fun with anomolies, all in the name of science, infact,... 1 comment
The Truth About Duty
 10:12  And finally, the reason we are killing ourselves for the... 3 comments
 10:47  What The Rocket Propelled Grenade! I find one and have some... 10 comments
 7:11  We finally get what we set out to do and now, nothing stands... 8 comments
Road to pripyat part 1
 10:09  Follow the stained yellow, underground, toxic road. 4 comments
Road to pripyat part 2
 10:10  Will Dorathy ever see Kansas again? Who cares, she was... 1 comment
Arrival at Pripyat
 9:48  We finally arrive at the final area of the game, but it is... 14 comments
 11:00  1 comment
Calibration Tools
 10:19  With a spare couple minuets, we go out to find the... 3 comments
Morre Stuff
 10:56  Just some random messing around with mods and stuff. 1 comment
The Book Store
 6:56  We hunt down a group of Monolith, believed to be involved... 4 comments
Item 62
 6:23  We head back to the beggining to see if Carden can repair...
Underground Lab
 10:21  The only way that Carden can repair the rifle is if he had...
Giant-Midget or Midget-Giant
 10:32  Looking for the schematics, we run into something a little... 2 comments
Merc Problems
 10:45  One of the STALKERS is having problems with a group of... 1 comment
 10:00  This is why i dont use sniper rifles... 5 comments
Getting into Lab X8
 10:00  With our random schinanigans over and done with, we make our... 3 comments
Lab X8
 10:00  We finally make it into the "hardest" area of the game,... 3 comments
Getting Lost and Annoyed
 9:19  So I am in this place, knowing that there are 2 more bits of... 3 comments
Getting Out
 10:16  We finally manage to find our way in the small rat like maze... 2 comments
Returning to Base
 10:20  Moving out of the underground maze, we get ambushed by a... 3 comments
Kindergarten part 1
 10:08  We are tasked with finding out the source of the radio... 3 comments
Kindergarten part 2
 10:27  We move out to the Pripyat Kindergarten, as seen on many... 2 comments
 9:49  1 comment
Final Stand
 5:05  We patrol to the ERV, fighting back zombies, snorks and... 1 comment
End Scene and Credits
 9:50  The end! it seems so long ago when i had decided to take on... 13 comments

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