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Alone in the Dark
~3 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Lothrazar Feb 19, 2010 11 1:49:06 C Computer RSS
Medium Difficulty
01: Avoid the fights
 10:20  The original Alone in the Dark for PC released in 1992 by...
02: Close the Door
 10:21  I make fun of all the walkthroughs I read that knew less...
03: Secret Collect
 10:18  Now that we are out of the attic area, we can start...
04: Weapons!
 10:26  I find many useful items, including weapons. Also I discard...
05: The many ways to die
 10:43  I demonstrate some more of the fun ways to die. Also I...
06: Library of Doom
 10:29  After finding most of the useful items in the empty rooms I...
07: Pirates, Dancing Demons
 10:22  As the title says, I make my way through some of the more...
08: Jump!
 10:32  I can JUMP! And I get to shoot many times. I know it sti...
09: Lantern Maze
 10:20  Among other things, we make it through the lantern maze and...
10: Throw Lantern
 10:26  Throwing lanterns is hard. Then I run out of time. But I...
11: Escape
 4:49  We win, and the ending of the game.

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