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Planescape: Torment
Nov 30, 1999
Black Isle Studios
~32 hours play time

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DukeVerde Oct 1, 2013 65 32:24:45 CHD Computer RSS
Hard Difficulty
October 2013 has started, and Halloween will be drawing ever closer. Until then, travel the dark corridors of your mind, visit strange, obtuse lands, and meet many interesting characters as you try to puzzle out your existence. Be quick, and deft, for something not of this world is hunting you down.

This is my first attempt at Third person narration. It gets better as the episodes go on, and I find a better equilibrium. This playthrough is marked as "Hard" because I have ramped up the difficulty slider. The consequences of that manifest themselves rather late in the game.
Curst Quests
Fleshy Novella
 25:04  The movie volume is *really* low, so you may need to turn up...
Sewing things back up
 27:28  Make sure you do the Ei-Vene side quest now, for a permanent...
Sweet talking Soego
 36:49  Note that if your, I believe, Charisma is too low that you...
Thugly Boxes
 31:37  I advise you not open the box, just to keep the suspense. :P
Trying to be a Mage
 26:08  It takes me four episodes until I actually become a Mage. >_...
Dak'kon awaits
 35:14  Everyone's favourite depressed githzerai. I tell ya, he...
Anonymous Es
A Mage, at last.
 31:29  This is one of the best parts of this game!
The (Un)broken Circle of Zerthimon
 37:00  Only Circles 1-5 are completed here. it takes us a while...
 32:55  The Number of Ku'u Yin is one of the best Tattoos,...
Mary, AKA Stale Bread Mary
 36:46  You need to be quite charismatic to convince Stale Mary,...
Drowned Nations
Disney World
 27:54  I have no idea why I said that.
Last Rat Meal
Impregnating Rock
 36:47  I can not unsee, nor can you.
Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts
 32:18  It's that kind of world, but you knew that by now. :P
Use me and abuse me
 20:33  I hope you like your Nameless One abused!
Chasing Tales
 21:05  Come back to Yves as the story progresses. As you will,...
Disturbing Imagery
 27:03  You were warned!
Used Goods
Art Galleria
 22:55  I have no idea what happens if you punch that glass painting...
Satan's Tongue
 22:32  Ecco gains her voice back, and I play with toys. It's ha...
 21:00  As I mention in the video don't play with it unless you are...
Private Sensatorium
 22:16  I hope you enjoyed this, as much as I enjoyed reading it off...
Linguistic Chocolate
 36:52  Eating another person's candy is a crime, but, apparently,...
Unraveling the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon
 32:36  Nameless One x Dak'kon, now where is my fanfic?!
sdrawkcaB nordoM
 36:29  Nordom is the only NPC capable of actual ranged attacks....
Ignis *burns!*
 36:29  Chaotic doesn't even begin to describe Ignis. Insane is...
 36:29  The consequences of playing with a jacked up difficulty make...
 34:19  Learning the Path of Stone from Qui-Sai. Also note that Qui...
Teeth, for Morte
 24:11  We finally find Candrian, and help Ingress get back home....
Nemelle would like to thank you.
 31:28  It will feel good, I promise. :P
Rings and Trainers
 31:04  That scroll would have been so useful....15 hours ago. <_<
Becoming a Godsman, part 2
 31:48  It feels good to be a Godsman. :P I can't say the same for...
Tower Siege
 36:45  Finishing every little detail lni the Lower Ward, and...
Rubikon was Rubixed
 25:03  Ironically, this makes it look easy. Trust me, it's not....
What can change the nature of a man?
 26:55  Can you handle the truth? By now, I would hope so. :P
Fighting a legend
 25:18  Taunt Ravel with Morte, which I fail to do, it will make the...
Brambles and barbs
 32:05  You need Ravel's Hair, if it wasn't obvious, to unlock...
Accidently sneaking in to Prison
 36:30  I skip Curst, by complete accident. I will very likely...
I hate Trelons
 33:00  The Eighth Circle of Zerthimon does exist, go figure. O_o...
The Undertaker
 33:00  Yeesh, hardest part in the game right here. Of course, it...
I *am* Justice!
 29:10  Everyone's favourite Mercykiller, and the only NPC with...
Baatorian Fun
 33:57  Pro-tip: Don't give them Grace!
Remember that Box?
 32:04  You know, that box from the beginning of the game? Well, it...
Endless Suffering, in Carceri
 34:36  Beware the effects of this Plane. Beneficial spells will...
The Great Betrayer
 32:13  Time to put down the Deva. Of course, why do it myself when...
Running around, Screaming, while everyone dies
 36:49  All aboard the Train of Regrets! What a fun life we liv...
Incarnation Station
 15:08  Take a trip down expository lane as you talk to yourself,...
The End is just the Beginning
 29:30  Choose your own way to die/live. You have many choices. So...
Curst Quests
Curst Revisited
 26:55  What I missed, in Curst, mostly. Do note that you can do...

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