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Metal Slug 2
Apr 2, 1998
~1 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Sep 8, 2012 6 0:58:03 Neo Geo RSS
Normal Difficulty
General Morden is once again on the warpath and you're the last line of defense against him. Play as one of four soldiers: Marco, Eri, Tarma, and Fio to stop his plans for world conquest. Pick up new weapons and vehicles and blast anything that gets in your way!
Mission 1
 5:22  Mission 1: Saudi Arabia We've received reports that an i...
Mission 2
 6:56  Mission 2: Egypt Reported sightings of Rebel troops have ...
Mission 3
 6:31  Mission 3: Rebel Supply Train We've found the location o...
Mission 4
 6:07  Mission 4: Hong Kong After the train's demolition, Rebel...
Mission 5
 13:00  Mission 5: New Godokin We've discovered some unusual rea...
Final Mission and Credits
 20:07  Final Mission: Siberian HQ We've done some analysis of t...

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