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Crash Team Racing Nitro...
"Dungeon Vaulter"

Use the shortcut in Cortex...
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Star Fox 64
Jul 1, 1997
~2 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 22 2:44:56 C Nintendo 64 RSS
Part 1: I Got New Recording Software! Yay!
 7:50  Playing with my new software and we got widescreen mode so,...
Part 2: All Range Mode!
 6:42  Grr.... I suck at it so bad. 1 comment
Part 3: Hurray for Brightness!
 7:56  I love you.
Part 4: Enter Katt!
 7:49  I loved her so much as a child.
Part 5: The Landmaster is Awesome!
 6:41  And I am amazing!
Part 6: The End is Nigh!
 8:27  And I can finally do the hard path!
Part 7: Star Wolf has Come For Us!
 4:40  Get out of the way, Peppy!
Part 8: We're Katty and the Brain!
 10:58  Didn't that take forever?
Part 9: DADDY?!
 8:25  I thought you were dead.
Part 10: It begins Again.
 4:24  So, I start again this time going for the easy path.
Part 12: Wolf, oh No!
 5:08  Wait, what am I worried about?
Part 13: Bomb Usage Galor!
 6:05  Save those bombs, Katrinonus!
Part 14: Train Revisted.
 10:10  Why did I do that?
Part 17: Oh, Damn It! I Forgot to Kill Slippy!
 7:58  Slippy will die. No matter if it costs me a wing or anything...
Part 18: It's So Quiet!
 6:31  It's nice without Slippy.
Part 20:Ah. It Burns
 6:52  Also, a guest appearence from Bill.
Part 22: The Final Frontier!
 6:25  Last Level I'm doing on this game. I've shown you basically...

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