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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Oct 25, 2000
~15 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 May 30, 2013 47 18:41:19 Nintendo 64 RSS
Link enters a new realm, and finds that the world will end in three days if Majora's Mask isn't recovered. As the land of Termina prepares for the annual Carnival of Time, the moon slowly drifts toward the town with each passing hour. In order to save the land, Link must use various masks and tools to restore the land and break the curse of Majora's Mask before time's up....
New World, New Perils
 23:45  Prologue and Clock Town
The Moon's Tear
 25:47  Clock Town (Bombers code changes each time you start at t...
The Song of Time
 22:52  Clock Town
The Legend of Majora's Mask
 26:47  Clock Town Masks: Deku Mask, Great Fairy Mask
Into the Deku Palace
 26:42  Southern Swamp
Night Masks
 20:45  Southern Swamp, Woodfall, and Clock Town Masks: Bremen Ma...
Woodfall Temple
 24:59  Clock Town & Woodfall Temple
Jungle Battles
 27:57  Woodfall Temple and Deku Palace
Chasing the Butler
 20:25  Deku Shrine, Southern Swamp Masks: Mask of Scents, Kamaro...
Link the Archer
 26:39  Southern Swamp and Clock Town Masks: Kafei's Mask
Hunting for Heart Pieces
 26:02  Clock Town and Southern Swamp
Darmani's Request
 24:12  Mountain Village, Goron Village Mask: Goron Mask
The Goron Lullaby
 20:39  Goron Village, Mountain Village, and Snowhead Mask: Don G...
Snowhead Temple
 25:20  Snowhead Temple
Goht Racing
 26:15  Snowhead Temple
Powder Test
 24:05  Clock Town, Mountain Village, Goron Village
Ranch Hand Link
 26:31  Goron Village, Goron Racetrack, Romani Ranch, Gorman Track,...
Midnight Raid
 27:34  Romani Ranch, Gorman Track, Clock Town Masks: Romani's M...
The Gilded Sword
 13:34  Mountain Village, Clock Town
The Battle of Ikana Graveyard
 26:38  Clock Town, Ikana Graveyard Masks: Stone Mask, Captain's...
Song of Storms
 24:04  Clock Town, Ikana Graveyard
Piece of Heart, Knuckle of Iron
 25:12  Ikana Graveyard, Clock Town
Grave Diggers
 19:39  Clock Town, Ikana Graveyard Masks: Keaton Mask, Postman'...
Property Trade
 23:10  Clock Town, Southern Swamp, Mountain Village, Great Bay
Indigo-go Jam Session
 26:06  Zora Hall, Great Bay, Pirates' Fortress
Zora Egg Rescue
 25:51  Pirates' Fortress, Great Bay, Pinnacle Rock
Calling back the Choir
 21:40  Great Bay, Clock Town, Southern Swamp, Woodfall Temple,...
Great Bay Temple
 25:26  Great Bay Temple
Fishing for Gyorg
 25:03  Great Bay Temple
Frog Choir Revival
 7:22  Mountain Village, Great Bay, Clock Town
Swamp Spider House
 27:08  Clock Town, Southern Swamp Mask: Mask of Truth
Seaside Heart Pieces
 25:48  Great Bay, Waterfall Rapids, Clock Town, Snowhead
Fisherman's Jumping Game
 18:20  Great Bay, Clock Town
Oceanside Spider House
 25:28  Great Bay, Clock Town Mask: All-Night Mask
A Couple's Tale
 29:34  Clock Town, Ikana Canyon, Sakon's Hideout Mask: Couple'...
Preparing for Ikana
 27:34  Clock Town, Southern Swamp, Goron Village, Zora Hall
The Gibdo's Curse
 26:37  Ikana Canyon & Beneath the Well Mask: Gibdo Mask
The Ancient Castle of Ikana
 26:44  Beneath the Well, Ancient Castle of Ikana
Elegy of Emptiness
 18:13  Ancient Castle of Ikana
Climbing The Stone Tower
 27:07  Ikana Canyon, Stone Tower, Stone Tower Temple
Stone Tower Temple
 27:02  Stone Tower Temple
The Giant's Mask
 26:29  Stone Tower Temple Mask: Giant's Mask
The Last Guardian
 22:57  Stone Tower Temple, Clock Town
Missing Heart Pieces
 27:59  Great Bay, Ikana Canyon, Secret Shrine, Clock Town, Romani...
Majora's Curse
 23:49  Clock Town, Moon (You need masks to access the final dung...
Hide n' Seek
 12:00  Moon Entry & Exit fees: Gyorg: 3 Masks Twinmold: 4 ...
Dawn of a New Day
 17:29  Moon Final Boss Fight & Credits

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