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Blade Kitten
"Invisible Bike"

Perched on and threw an enemy
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Donkey Kong 64
Oct 31, 1999
Rare Ltd.
~16 hours play time

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EMPBLMMMSD Mar 15, 2017 27 1:57:33 Nintendo 64 RSS
My tenth walkthrough on the internet. A 101% walkthrough in fact.
Part 1: Intro
 5:50  The last game on my top 10. A 101% walkthrough. For now, I...
Part 2: Training
 5:47  In order to get out of this area, you need to learn Simian...
Part 3: Simian Slam
 1:47  Finally, I completed the training and I'm ready to get out... 2 comments
Part 4: Golden Banana #1 - K. Lumsy
 4:07  The Golden Bananas are the DK64 versions of the Jiggies in...
Part 5: Jungle Japes Intro
 1:32  The first world is Jungle Japes, where you'll save Diddy.
Part 6: Golden Banana #2 - In Front of Diddy's Cell
 6:54  You can get DK's first Jungle Japes Golden Banana in front...
Part 7: Golden Banana #3 - Freeing Diddy
 3:34  DK's second Golden Banana can be obtained by freeing Diddy.
Part 8: Golden Banana #4 - Jungle Japes Yellow Blueprint Piece
 3:33  Snide, who used to work for those evil reptiles has been...
Part 9: Golden Banana #5 - Underground
 5:30  DK's fourth Jungle Japes Golden Banana can be found by...
Part 10: Golden Banana #6 - Baboon Blast
 2:38  The last banana of DK in Jungle Japes, now it's time for...
Part 11: Golden Banana #7 - Jungle Japes Red Blueprint Piece
 6:06  Diddy's first banana can be found by returning the...
Part 12: Golden Banana #8 - Next to Funky's
 3:24  Diddy's second Golden Banana for Jungle Japes can be found...
Part 13: Golden Banana #9 - On Top of the Pillar
 2:37  You can get this golden banana by shooting the peanut switch...
Part 14: Golden Banana #10 - Jungle Japes Mine Cart Ride Redo
 7:22  Redid this video because the part that I have cut out was...
Part 15: Golden Banana #11 - Cell in the Cave
 1:11  Diddy's last Golden Banana can be found near the entrance...
Part 16: Jungle Japes Boss - Armydillo
 4:47  The first boss of the game Armydillo. To get to a boss you...
Part 17: Key #1 - Angry Aztec Entrance
 2:18  Using the first key will grant you access to Angry Aztec,...
Part 18: Angry Aztec Intro
 1:11  Angry Aztec is the second world. Which requires 5 Golden...
Part 19: Golden Banana #12 - Freeing the Llama
 12:20  A long video that shows you how to free that disgusting...
Part 20: Golden Banana #13 - Freeing Lanky
 4:09  I have freed Lanky. So now I can play as him.
Part 21: Golden Banana #14 - Stealthy Snoop #1
 5:18  Bonus mini-game time! Stealthy Snoop is played by sneaking...
Part 22: Golden Banana #15 - Five Door Temple DK
 6:50  In order to get to this temple. You need help from Diddy.... 2 comments
Part 23: Golden Banana #16 - Freeing Tiny
 8:44  Oops I forgot to return the Yellow blueprint piece to Snide....
Part 24: Golden Banana #17 - Five Door Temple Diddy
 4:53  Now at the Five Door Temple as Diddy.
Part 25: Golden Banana #18 - Angry Aztec Yellow Blueprint Piece
 1:29  I finally remembered to give the Yellow Blueprint Piece to...
Part 26: Golden Banana #19 - Angry Aztec Red Blueprint Piece
 0:53  I return to Red Blueprint piece of Angry Aztec to Snide.
Part 27: Golden Banana #20 - The Tall Building
 2:49  You can get this Golden Banana by Chimpy Charging the four...
This guide is currently in-progress. It was last updated on June 22, 2017.
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