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Achievement Guide
Dead Island
"Death Incarnate"

Survive wave 30.
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Nov 19, 2000
Rare Ltd.
~15 hours play time

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EMPBLMMMSD Mar 7, 2017 8 0:41:35 Nintendo 64 RSS
My fourth walkthrough on the internet. A 100% walkthrough.
Part 1: Intro
 11:43  I know that Paper Mario isn't complete, but I thought now...
Part 2: Collecting Items and First Cheato Page
 3:43  Here, I'm collect the eggs and feathers that were...
Part 3: Klungo Fight #1
 2:44  You'll be fighting Klungo 3 times in this game. Each time...
Part 4: Jiggy #1 - King Jingaling
 3:33  I get the first Jiggy from the Jinjo King, which is required...
Part 5: Second Cutsene - B.O.B.
 3:51  The second cutscene of the game. This is Grunty finally her... 2 comments
Part 6: Bottles' House
 2:48  In order to get to Wooden Hollow where Jiggywiggy lives, you... 2 comments
Part 7: Jiggywiggy's Challenge 1
 7:40  In order to enter each world, you need a certain amount of...
Part 8: Jiggy #2 - On top of Targitzan Temple
 5:33  The first Jiggy of Mayhem Temple can be found on top of...
This guide is currently in-progress. It was last updated on March 25, 2017.
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