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Resident Evil
Apr 30, 2002
~5 hours play time

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Katrinonus Jun 11, 2010 75 11:46:18 C GameCube RSS
Part 1: Let the Debate Begin
 8:09  Let the debate begin. Check him out. Helloween4545 - http:/... 1 comment
Part 2: Controls... Bleh.
 10:48  I suck with the movement controls. Lots of cutscenes where I...
Part 3: Examine the Corpse!
 5:52  Jill, why wouldn't you just examine the corpse?
Part 4: Starting Over?
 10:55  Not really that confused anymore and I had to take freaking...
Part 5: Death!
 9:31  And without saving. Great.
Part 6: Hmm....
 10:05  What could be in there?
Part 7: Stomp of Doom?
 10:48  Well, isn't that interesting.
Part 8: Let's Burn Us Some Zombies!
 9:44  I've cleared my area. Whoo hoo!
Part 9: I Got Help!
 10:46  Whoo hoo! Help is always useful. 1 comment
Part 10: Nemesis....
 10:10  Good God, S.T.A.R.S. grr Rarg. Kick your ass.
Part 11: De Ja Vu!
 10:22  I do the same thing again.... dear lord.
Part 12: Death... Again
 2:15  Leave me alone zombie! Just leave me alone. 1 comment
Part 13: Dog Whistle Time!
 10:38  Damn the dogs and that zombie. I wanna get that freaking...
Part 14: Another Key! Yes!
 10:07  I got a new key whoo hoo!
Part 15: Barry! Useless Ammo. God!
 5:58  I don't even have a grenade launcher and he gives me... 1 comment
Part 16: Sasha Joins the LP for A Bit!
 10:09  Sorry folks but she doesn't ruining much for me. She's just...
Part 17: Knight Puzzle? Hm?
 10:15  Can I figure that out?
Part 18: Richard!
 10:33  Shit. I didn't want to do this now.
Part 19: Zombie.... Manners Please!
 10:13  God, coming in my room because of a candlestick.
Part 20: Death!
Part 21:Why didn't you die?
 10:07  Stupid fat zombie.
Part 22: Fat Man and Forrest!
 10:03  They are getting payback.
Part 23: Finishing Up!
 10:27  And with only one death!
Part 24: The Debate Goes On!
 10:35  Stupid me thinking of stuff.
Part 25: Damn that Pimp Stance!
 10:03  I want one.
Part 26: Freaking Helmet Key!
 10:06  Rage at the helmet key.
Part 27: What the hell?!
 10:05  NO! nonononononononononononononononononononononononononono!
Part 28: Stupid Zombie!
 10:42  Let's be Fiona, now Jill.
 10:10  Freaking door.
Part 30: Weather Vanes!
 10:03  Good lord.
Part 31: Run Jill!
 10:13  And hope it doesn't follow us.
Part 32: Navy Seals
 10:57  Stupid Kinesis.
Part 33: SHARKS!
 9:40  Death.
Part 34: Finishing Up!
 4:43  And so I manage to stop finally.
Part 35: The Aqua Ring!
 10:06  Thank god for finding missing doors.
Part 36: Zombie!
 10:01  Here zombie zombie zomebie zombie.
Part 37: Bad Door
 10:15  I didn't want you.
Part 38: Do do do do!
 10:06  Aqua Ring music.
Part 39: Avoid the Spiders!
 10:07  Take that you insects.
Part 40: Book Puzzle
 10:07  Oh fun.
Part 41: Chemicals!
 10:11  Where are you?!
Part 42: ROOTS!
 10:07  I am so lost.
 4:12  That was your fault Jill.
Part 45: I Made It!
 9:58  YAY! So, now we move onwards.
Part 46: Mmmmm Yellow Gem.
 10:09  And a red one too. Wonder what it goes to.
Part 47: Giant Snake!
 10:03  Nonononononononononononononono!
Part 48: Hecksum Joins the Fun
 10:07  My Sanity needed it.
Part 49: No More Fail!
 10:13  Hurray!
Part 50: Where is my item?
 10:22  Jill where is my item. There are 3 more parts but Youtube d...
Part 51: Aimless Wandering
 10:44  I don't know what to do!
Part 52: Battery!
 9:50  Well, what was the point of that?
Part 53: Screw This!
 7:59  Next time, the caves! 1 comment
Part 54: Olliedag is With Us!
 10:45  Whoo! Let's unnesscarily plug him in every description in...
Part 55: Handgun!
 8:37  I have way too many bullets.
Part 56: Survival Knife?!
 9:39  One would think the lighter, apparently not.
Part 57: Statue!
 10:05  I managed to figure it out
Part 58: Turn it!
 9:26  Ah, that's how I figure it out.
 6:57  How do I fix it?
Part 60: Nudging!
 10:20  I got my nudge.
Part 61: LISA?!
 10:13  Oh shit! 1 comment
Part 62: Disc 2!
 8:28  Whoo hoo! http://www....
Part 63: Kerosene!?
 10:09  Freaking zombie.
Part 64: CELL!
 10:16  That wasn't hard.
Part 65: MO Disc!
 10:12  It's the gamecube...
Part 66: Kenneth Fails!
 6:11  Shoot your gun you idiot!
Part 67: Bug Things!
 10:29  I got them back. Yes!
Part 69: OH... MY... GOD!
 8:57  Stupid Tyrant.
Part 71: Chris!
 10:59  And Tyrant... again.
Part 72: Whoo hoo!
 7:52  Sasha loves the computer
Part 73: Crazy Laughter.
 5:40  I think I was going insane.
Debate! Part 1
 10:53  Who won? Who knows?
Debate! Part 2
 5:23  And here's the costume folks!

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