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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Jul 29, 2003
~3 hours play time

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EMPBLMMMSD Apr 17, 2018 14 3:07:53 GameCube RSS
My sixth walkthrough of my top 10. With everything unlocked. Note that this walkthrough may be long due to Ace difficulty being a pain to unlock.
Tournament Mode Character Matches
Tournament Mode
Part 1 - Tournament Mode - Lakitu Cup
 16:32  Today's my birthday, so I've decided to upload this video,...
Part 2 - Tournament Mode - Cheep Cheep Tournament
 15:54  The second course is called Cheep Cheep Falls. With all...
Part 3 - Tournament Mode - Sands Classic
 16:39  The third course is Shifting Sands. With all birdies as well...
Part 4 - Tournament Mode - Blooper Open Part 1
 10:45  Okay, I had to redo this part because hole 12 was missing...
Part 5 - Tournament Mode - Blooper Open Part 2
 6:03  Here's the rest of Blooper Open that I also had to delete...
Part 6 - Tournament Mode - Peach's Invitational
 17:40  The same video, only reuploaded to make everything in the...
Part 7 - Tournament Mode - Bowser Championship Part 1
 4:37  A reupload of the final course of the game.
Part 8 - Tournament Mode - Bowser Championship Part 2
 11:19  A reupload of a previous video. The rest of Bowser Badlands...
Part 9 - Tournament Mode - Bowser Championship Part 3
 5:40  The rest of Bowser Badlands plus the credits.
Character Matches
Part 10 - Character Matches - Koopa Challenge
 20:09  Now it's time to unlock the star characters. To do that,...
Part 11 - Character Matches - Peach Challenge
 17:44  I was very confused when I was doing this because I'm so...
Part 12 - Character Matches - Luigi Challenge
 16:31  Here I am playing against Luigi.
Part 14 - Character Matches - Yoshi Challenge Part 1
 11:46  This is part of the challenge against Yoshi. The rest is on...
This guide is not complete. It was last updated on January 12, 2019.
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